Diagnosing and repairing all

types of Irancell modems

If your modem needs repair and its warranty period has

expired, there is no need to worry.

Before requesting repair

If you have an Irancell modem with an expired guarantee which needs to be diagnosed and fixed, there’s nothing to be worry about.

Before sending your modem to the repair department of Hub Co., please check the following. If the problem is not resolved, call 600.

Your modem problem has not been solved?!

contact us

Mobile phone and data services:

Call 700 from an Irancell line or 09377000000 from other lines

TD-LTE Services

Call 707 from an Irancell line or 09377070000 from other lines

Registration of inspection and repair requests

Upon submitting your request, our staff will notify you of the way you can send your faulty modem to us (by post or in-person visit), the process of sending the fixed modem back to you and the reference number for further tracking.

Houshmand Ertebatat Bamdad Co. (Hub) will inform you about the related repair costs once the modem is received and the applicable costs are estimated. The repairing process then begins upon your confirmation and payment of repair costs.

In case you don’t consent with the estimated costs, you can get back your modem via post or by in-person visit. Please note that in cases of choosing postal delivery, you need to bear the related costs.