Irancell Modems Diagnostics & Repair Services

Irancell Modems Diagnostics & Repair Services

If you have an Irancell modem with an expired guarantee which needs to be diagnosed and fixed, there’s nothing to be worry about.

All you have to do is make a call with one of the following numbers and submit your repair request:

  • 600 from Irancell lines
  • 0936000000 from other lines

Upon submitting your request which includes your information and a summary of the problem, our staff will notify you about how you can send your faulty modem to us (by post or in-person visit), the process of sending the fixed modem back to you and your submitted reception number for further tracking.

Bamdad Ertebatat Houshmand Co. (Hub) will inform you about the related repair costs after receiving your modem and estimating these costs. The repairing process then begins through your confirmation and payment of repair costs.

In case you don’t consent with the estimated costs, you can get back your modem via post or by in-person visit. Note that in such cases you’ll have to pay for the post prices.