Irancell Live Stream Service

This service enables video content developers and distributors to publish their videos in different qualities without any concern over infrastructure requirements. Content owners can use this service to make available the live stream of their contents from their preferred domains with a chosen logo.

Irancell live stream service can be used by content owners/providers in one of the following ways:

  • 1. IPTV as Service

    This service meets the needs of those content owners/providers who don’t have any platform of their own available. In the IPTV as service, Lenz IPTV will be used with the following features as the live stream platform:

    • Choosing the target audience: streaming for the general audience or a targeted audience
    • Live comments: enabling viewers to put comments while watching the live shows
    • Online ticketing: the feature of making your live stream available only to those parts of the audience who have purchased tickets
  • 2. Live Stream as Service (CDN)

    This service provides a powerful live stream infrastructure to content owners/providers with a distinct platform of their own, and has the following merits:

    • Using Irancell’s dedicated, secure content distribution network (CDN)
    • A wide audience without limitation in audience numbers

Various Applications of Live Stream Service:

  • Video Games
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • School Classes
  • Culture and Art Events
  • Sports Games
  • Religious Ceremonies
Live Streaming Services Daily (Toman) Monthly (Toman) Monthly rent (Toman)
Price 500.000 4.900.000 20.000.000

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