Methods for Switching from Prepaid to Postpaid

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You can, without any need for buying a new SIM, switch to postpaid simply by entering a code and enjoy the benefits of postpaid SIM cards.

  • Benefits of Going Postpaid

    • Receiving a bill every two months instead of recharging your accounts


  • How to switch

    You can use either of the following three ways to go postpaid:

    1. Using MyIrancell supper app (online)

    Right side menu (android)>SIM Services> Switch to postpaid

    Using MyIrancell web app

    1. Using USSD Code (offline)

    1. Approaching to any of our dealers or service centers (in-person)


  • Charges of going postpaid

    The charges associated with pre-paid to post-paid SIM Card switching shall be based on the price of the post-paid SIM Card. To get informed of you special charge, dial *70#.

    To pay the applicable charges: If you have enough money in your prepaid account, the applicable charges will be deducted from your prepaid airtime upon dialing the USSD or applying for such switch on MyIrancell.

    Otherwise, you can make the payment through your bank account.

    After the migration, the remaining airtime together with WOW top-up (except for gift WOW charge) will be transferred to your postpaid account and can be used for purchasing packages, paying bill and the like.

  • Points to Consider (must-read section)

    After SIM switch, the WOW charge as well as the main packages such as data packages will be transferred to the postpaid account.

    Please note that roaming packages, offers and promotions gift packages, Boom, Boom+, Ventous packages, credit available on Digital Wallet and Shared Internet Packages will not be transferred to your postpaid account.

    All the packages available on prepaid SIM (except for gift packages) will be transferred to postpaid account once SIM switch is completed.

    Your SIM card will be switched to postpaid within 24 hours as of request submission.

    In order to switch your prepaid SIM card to postpaid, the registration of your prepaid SIM card should be duly completed and the postal code should be properly submitted. Failing which, SIM switch will not be conducted.

    For more information, visit Pre-Paid to Post-Paid SIM Card Switch Terms and Conditions page.