Irancell roaming service

Irancell credit and permanent SIM card services (voice calls, SMS and 4G mobile high-speed internet)

Irancell roaming service

If you are planning to travel abroad and want to stay in touch with your family and friends, you can use Irancell roaming and its cheap tariffs to use SIM card services in more than 260 operators and 150 countries.
Roaming services can also be used in flight.

Cheap tariffs

Special internet packages

Providing services in 158 countries

Discount tariff in 22 countries

Roaming tariffs

By using roaming services, you can use various services of your credit or permanent SIM card (voice calls, SMS, 4G mobile high-speed internet) in any country that has a roaming service agreement with Irancell.
Select your desired destination to find the call, SMS and Internet tariffs.

Select your desired destination to find the call tariff.

Everything you need to know about roaming

To use the roaming service, you must activate it before the trip. To do this, follow the steps below:

  •  Make sure that MTN Irancell has a roaming agreement with your destination country.
  •  The roaming service is activated via MyIrancell application or dialing *1111*1# from your SIM card.

Roaming Service Activation in My Irancell Application: Right Menu > File > Roaming Services

You need to activate roaming services to start using your mobile phone abroad. Here are the necessary steps to activate this service on different operating systems; based on your OS, follow the corresponding steps.

The steps to activate these services in iOS operating systems are as follows:

You can deactivate your roaming service at the end of your trip by dialing *1111*2# or using MyIrancell app.
Since there is a possibility of automatic roaming activation on the operators of neighboring countries near the border areas, deactivate your roaming service by dialing *1111*2# or using MyIrancell application.

My Irancell application > Right Menu > File > Roaming Services

common questions

By dialing the command code *1111*1# (before leaving the country), you can activate the roaming service of your Irancell number.