MTN Irancell Voice Mail

MTN Irancell Voice Mail

Using voice mail, your callers can connect to your voicemail system when you are out of MTN Irancell network coverage or your phone is turned off. In such cases, you can listen to your recorded voice messages whenever you want. The voice mail system stores up to 30 voice messages, with a maximum length of 120 seconds for you. However, if you forward your calls to your voice mail, you will not be able to divert them to another number.

  • How long are your voice message stored in our voice mail?
    • Unheard messages: up to 2 days.
    • Heard messages: up to 7 days.
  • Voice Mail Activation

    To activate voice mail, just dial the *555*4*5*1#.

  • Voice Mail Deactivation

    To deactivate voice mail, just dial *555*4*5*3#.

  • How to listen to your messages?

    Make a call to 710 to listen to your voice mail messages through your mobile phone.