Get the Cash Rewards
Irancell Digital Wallet

What is JibJet?

JibJet is Irancell’s Digital Wallet. It’s a wonderful wallet for your digital life style which you can use just like a real wallet (actually, it’s so much better than a real wallet!) With JibJet, you can receive a variety of payment and banking services much simpler, faster and safer than before!

Right inside MyIrancell Super Application!

You can find JibJet in MyIrancell super app. Just open the super app, take a look at the top left section of the main page – there you go!

If you don’t have MyIrancell on your device, there’s nothing to worry about. Click here or dial *45# to download and install it right away.

More than Just a Wallet!

Purchase various data & voice packages in MyIrancell super app easier than ever

Shop from Irancell digital products and services (such as Lenz IPTV) in MyIrancell great marketplace

Send cash from your JibJet to your friends’ JibJet (Jib to Jib)

Cash in from your bank account to your JibJet

Pay by scanning QR codes (coming soon)

Transfer money from your bank card to other bank cards (card to card) (coming soon)

Pay your bills (coming soon)

Green Dots & Cash Back Rewards

Some of the digital products and services on MyIrancell super app (such as various Irancell packages, etc.) are marked with a green dot. Any purchase you make from them through a bank gateway, gives you a certain percentage of the related price as cashback reward through your JibJet.

Furthermore, shopping from a certain number of digital products and services available in MyIrancell marketplace also qualifies you for getting a cash back reward. Just keep in mind that your payment must be made through a bank gateway.

Visit here to read more about green dots and cashback rewards.

So, all in all …  why JibJet?

Because it is a very fast and secure way for your digital payments!

Because it is easier to use and you do not need to enter too much codes, digits and passwords when you want to transfer money or do a payment!

Because it saves your time!

Because you can send and receive money just using the receiver’s phone number without any need to bank cards

Because cashback rewards are deposited in your JibJet!

Because you can shop from various Irancell packages and digital services in MyIrancell marketplace such as Lenz IPTV with the cashback rewards you’ve earned in your JibJet


Because you do not need to carry too many bank cards all the time

Because you do not need to be worried about forgetting your bank card digits

Because you can use several and different bank accounts through your JibJet (coming soon)

Because you can track expenses fast and easily and manage your budget better

Because it helps you to be more organized

Available 24/7!

You can use JibJet 24/7 without any time limitations. Feel free to reach it all the time!

If you need support for your transactions or have any questions about JibJet, you can easily get help from JibJet support team (in Contact Us section) day and night.

It’s for all Irancellers!

JibJet is for you, no matter if you are a prepaid subscriber or among the postpaid ones. The only thing that you need to do to use JibJet is installing MyIrancell super app (no matter what operator you are using), log into it and enjoy!

Click here or dial *45# to download MyIrancell and install it right away.