Digital products and services

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Digital products and services

In line with actualization of digital life, MTN Irancell, as a leading operator in provision of brand new products, has developed digital services for business and personal subscribers. To view the details on “Digital Products” and “Digital Business Solutions”, visits the related pages.

Digital solutions Digital products

Ye’lloAdwise is Irancell’s digital solution for providing smart advertisement services. Using Irancell’s various digital channels and media, this platform helps various start-ups, SME and large companies and businesses to promote their brand and positions in the market. For more info, click here.

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Dana Plus is a platform for organizing online classes, business meetings and webinars. This platform provides features such as sub-classes, survey and file sharing and aims to satisfy the need for holding classes, meetings and webinars especially at school and educational centers. For more info, click here.

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Yellohub is a digital market for exchanging APIs. Using this platform, API developers can sell their APIs to software/app developers, startups and those active in the field of business. Also, people who are interested in this arena, can visit the website frequently to exchange knowledge and learn more.

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With Irancell on the technology circuit

Since winning the tender for the “second mobile operator in Iran”, we have applied the best of ourselves to deliver rewarding services in line with the latest technologies and to creative products that our subscribers are worthy of. After years of endeavor we managed to win the title of “ Irancell; Iran’s greatest data operator” and ” Leading telecommunication company in the country” for 6 consecutive years; offer “4G mobile internet” with the fastest broadband speed in Iran; launch TD-LTE and achieve the technology of testing Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) standard. On the way forward, we, as “Iran’s First and Greatest Digital Operator” managed to win the “Digital Transformation Award of the Year”. The path shall go on, stayed tuned and enjoy digital life with us!