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Irancell fiber optic internet

Irancell fiber optic internet

Fiber optic internet is a type of internet connection that makes it possible for you to experience high-speed internet connection with maximum quality. This technology has replaced older copper lines in developed countries for years and has provided users with higher speed and quality.

No landline needed

Higher speed and quality than other services

Internet connection stability and stability

Why fiber optic internet ?


  • Guaranteed minimum speed of up to 1 Gbps
  • There is no noise or disturbance in the Internet connection, because the data exchange in this technology is done in a laser manner.
  • Unlike older technologies (such as copper cable), your distance from the telecommunications center has no effect on the speed of fiber optic internet.

List of cities and provinces

Our Internet network is the best ever! Use our coverage map in below to see the Internet network coverage in your area

How to purchase this service?

Using Irancell’s fiber optic service requires three steps, which are explained below:

1 Pre-registration

At this stage, by entering your information and checking it, Irancell will inform you whether it is possible to provide optical fiber service for your chosen location or not.

2 Select the desired package

Among the available packages, you can easily get the service that suits your needs.

View packages
3 Choose a modem

It is necessary to have a suitable modem to use fiber optic service. Click to get it.


Please note that by purchasing the optical fiber service, an initial package with the following details will also be made available:

Volume Deadline Speed Price in Toman
(VAT included)
Unlimited Three months Up to 1 Gbps 500,000

In case you need to purchase special packages for optical fiber data, visit here and choose your favorite packages.

  • For your convenience, there is an Unlimited Special Package which is available for home users with six-month and one-year deadline. The guaranteed minimum speed of this package is 300 Mbps and can reach up to 1 Gbps.
  • Note: Unlimited packages are not subject to Fair Usage Policy and are special for home users. Should these packages be used for business purposes, the subscriber will be in violation of the applicable regulations and the package will be cancelled.