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TD-LTE Internet

The 4th and 4.5th generation of internet (TD-LTE) is the best option for providing Internet to organizations, institutes, companies and houses. If you are currently using ADSL and are not satisfied with the quality, or if you live in an area where no port is available for provision of fixed Internet, TD-LTE with a speed range of 1Mbps to 80Mbps would be the best choice for you.

  • Features and Advantages
    • 80Mbps
    • Various Internet packages
    • Not dependent on fixed port line
    • Sustainable for user with high usage
    • Easily portable
    • Fast setup
    • Stable upload and download
  • How to buy

    To enjoy this technology, you need a TD-LTE SIM card, a modem and a 4G Internet Package.

    • You can get a prepaid TD-LTE SIM card free of charge.


    • TD-LTE postpaid SIM cards are available at the price of 60,000 Tomans and will be given to you with a default usage limit of 60,000 Tomans, without the need to pay any deposit. Therefore, during this period you can use your SIM card services up to this limit (to buy out of bundle and package internet) without having to pay an extra price.
  • How to buy modem, SIM card and packages in one bundle

    Use either of the following methods:


  • How to buy 4G and 4.5G Internet (TD-LTE)

    Use either of the following methods:

    You need to have your National ID card with you to be able to buy these services.

    MTN Irancell TD-LTE SIM cards are specially designed just for access to 4G internet; so, they cannot be used to make/ receive calls or send/ receive SMSs.

  • TD-LTE modem SIM card number recovery

    To retrieve the TD-LTE modem SIM card number, you need MyIrancell App. After running the application, follow these steps:

    Login to MyIrancell App and click on the checkbox —> Click “Add New Account” on the opened page > Select “I Forgot My TD-LTE Number”> Enter IMEI device number* and National ID in related fields> View TD-LTE internet number in the next page.

    * The IMEI number is your modem’s distinct code, which is inserted on the modem itself and at the back of the modem box.

    • What is the out-of-bundle usage control plan?

      By activating this plan through MyIrancell app, when your data package is used up, your usage will not continue in the out-of-bundle mode (inadvertently and without knowing that you have run out of your data package) and you can manage your spending efficiently.

    • When is the deadline for paying my bill?

      You have 28 days to settle your bill after it is issued. In case you don’t manage to pay for it, your TD-LTE service will be suspended until your bill is payed.

    • When is my postpaid bill issued?

      Your postpaid bill, including your service subscription fee (1,500 tomans), will be issued every other month and will be sent to your submitted email address.

    • Are there any special configurations for activating and using my TD-LTE modem?

      No. After buying your modem and activating your SIM and data package, you can put the SIM in your modem and start using it!

    • How can I know about the remaining data in my data package?

      By installing MyIrancell app on your mobile phone, you can always monitor your usage details.

    • Can I connect to TD-LTE network with my mobile phone as well?

      If your mobile phone supports 3500 MHz frequency band, you can connect to TD-LTE network with no need for a modem. Otherwise, just like working with ADSL, your phone should get connected to your TD-LTE modem using a WIFI connection.

    • How much does it cost to use TD-LTE out of bundle?

      Without activating data packages, you’ll be charged 89 Rials per each MB of out of bundle data usage.

    • I’ve forgotten my TD-LTE number. How can I retrieve it?

      In MyIrancell sign up/log in page, tap on “I’ve forgotten my TD-LTE number”. Now enter your modem’s IMEI number and your own NID to view the forgotten TD-LTE number. Note that IMEI is a specific number for your modem which could be found beneath it or on its box. For more information about this issue, read How to Retrieve My TD-LTE Number.

    • Given the recent restrictions for Apple products in Iran, how can I manage my TD-LTE account on my iOS device with MyIrancell app?

      Using the new advanced web application technology, Apple restrictions for Iranian users of iOS devices will be removed and you can use this application on any iOS device without needing for updates.

      Installation guide:

      1. Go to in your Safari browser and after opening MyIrancell page, tap on ⋮ for settings.
      2. Choose “Add to Home Screen”.
      3. Tap on “Add”.
      4. MyIrancell app icon is added to your phone’s Home Screen. Tap on it to enter.
      5. Enter your TD-LTE number to log in to your account.
      6. Enter your NID (which has been used for registering your TD-LTE number).
      7. Enter an email address to receive an OTP token.
      8. Enter the received OTP in the related field in MyIrancell app.
      9. You can easily manage your account from now on.
    • What is Shahkar Platform?

      Launched in 2015 by CRA, it is a platform to authenticate users’ identity. Shahkar requires mobile operators and data service providers to check their users’ information via this platform upon their service registration process (SIM cards, fixed and mobile data, etc.) and provide the requested service just in those cases where the users’ identity is approved in this system.

      All the communication services from various operators registered in the name and NID of each user can be inquired and viewed in Shahkar platform. However, to view the results of requested inquiry, there should be at least one SIM card registered with the NID of the user in a mobile phone operator.

      To view the number of SIM cards registered in one’s name, users can send their NID to 3000150 or go to