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The high speed shared data service is specifically helpful to families, work teams or individuals with high data usage on multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and modems. By having a shared account, your friends and family members won’t need to purchase separate packages; you can share a single package with all of them and even assign a specific amount of traffic to each person, based on their usage and needs. Some of the benefits of high speed shared data service are:

  • Some of the benefits of a high speed shared internet account

    • Sharing a single monthly data package between 10 users (persons or devices)
    • Sharing your data without any drop in your speed
    • Reducing data usage costs by sharing one package with others
    • Managing each member’s usage limit (defining the usage limit for every user in your shared account)
    • Sharing your data package regardless of time and place

  • How to Buy and Activate

    You can begin using a shared account any time and any place. All you need to do is assign a user as the “provider”, who will share the data package between your family members, friends or other Irancellers.
    To activate this service and buy shared data packages, you can take one of the following steps:

    • Open MyIrancell application and go to Shared Account page. Now you can select and buy your desired data package.
    • First dial *400*3# to activate your service, then choose and buy your desired data package by dialing *400*1*1#.
  • How to Add New Users

    You can add new users to a shared data account through one of the following ways:

  • How to Specify Users’ Data Usage
    •  You can also remove data traffic limits for any user by selecting “Unlimited” option.
  • How to Increase/Decrease Users’ Data Traffic Limits

    If the traffic limit set for one of your users has been reached and they need more data, you can increase their data traffic by resetting their usage record, or setting a new usage limit. To do this, follow these steps:

  • How to Remove a User
  • How to Deactivate

    In order to deactivate your shared account, take one of the following steps: