Online Purchase fixed Internet Packages(TD-LTE)

With just a few clicks you can buy any of the following TD-LTE internet packages online from your SIM card.

  • Off-peak internet packages can be used between 2 and 7 A.M.
  • Economical packages have an Economical traffic volume considering the Fair Usage Policy.
  • According to the Fair Usage Policy in case of using more than the Fair Usage Limit, your internet speed will decrease to 256 Kbps. The Fair Usage Limit for various packages are provided below:
    · 20GB for up to 2 Mbps initiative package
    · 30GB for up to 4 Mbps initiative package
    · 40GB for up to 2 Mbps monthly package
    · 60GB for up to 4 Mbps monthly package
    · 80GB for up to 8 Mbps monthly package
  • You can’t buy 2 Economical packages at the same time.
  • Buy an Economical package after your normal internet package expires. In case of simultaneous purchase, first the normal package will be used and then the Economical one (regardless of the package expiry date). Moreover, the package start date would be its purchase date, so the user would be liable for any consequences resulting from purchasing normal and Economical packages simultaneously.
  • Your internet speed will vary when you buy normal and Economical packages simultaneously; so when you’re using normal packages, your internet speed will be Economical but with Economical packages your speed will be between 2 Mbps and 8 Mbps
  • The package prices are 9% VAT exclusive.
  • Please use an Irancell prepaid GSM SIM card if you wish to dial a USSD to activate the TD-LTE packages. Using this method, the charges will be deducted from the prepaid SIM card and the TD-LTE account will be charged.
  • The initial package’s validity will be calculated as of the date of the first usage and the validity of both peak and off-peak parts of the packages will start and end simultaneously according to the first usage, regardless of the usage being on the peak or off-peak part.
  • Activate TD-LTE information service to receive the necessary information on the purchased TD-LTE packages, on time. For more information visit TD-LTE information service page.
  • Your internet traffic while visiting a collection of websites is regarded as “local”. If you have purchased any of our fixed internet packs, you internet usage rate when visiting these websites will be calculated with a 50% discount.
  • Traffic rates for out-of-bundle internet usage and fixed internet packs have been decreased to one-third for local IM applications. Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA) frequently announces to all the operators the list of websites or applications’ IPs which are considered “local” and their traffic usage rates are calculated with such a discount.
  • Mobile data out of bundle and packages tariffs for local messengers (Jik o Pik, Lenzor, Bisphone, iGap, Sourosh, Gap and Bale), dropped to one third.
  • In case of purchasing more than one package, the ones with closer expiry dates will have higher usage priority; gift and off net though are excluded from this rule and have higher usage priority.
  • In order to take this 50% discount into account, MTN Irancell updates the list of websites approved by Iranian Information Technology Organization in its systems on a monthly basis. Therefore, when visiting these website it’s important for users to consider the submission date of their IPs in Information Technology Organization portal.
  • To buy packages amounting to more than 200.000 Tomans, you can use any of the purchase methods other than the USSD. If you wish to make the payment using your SIM card credit, it needs to be more than the package price.
  • The above designs are approved by the CRA under nos. 520953, 520926 and 521135.

120 GB  90 Days

220,000 Toman

60 GB  90 Days

128,000 Toman

90 GB  30 Days

136,000 Toman

50 GB  30 Days

88,000 Toman

30 GB  30 Days

65,000 Toman

15 GB  30 Days

41,000 Toman

10 GB  30 Days

31,000 Toman

14 GB  7 Days

44,000 Toman

7 GB  7 Days

25,000 Toman

300 GB  30 Days

Prepaid 2-7
120,000 Toman

200 GB  30 Days

Prepaid 2-7
85,000 Toman

100 GB  30 Days

Prepaid 2-7
50,000 Toman

2 Mbps Economical  30 Days

80,000 Toman

 for 2 Mbps > 60GB monthly 

CRA No. 519370

4 Mbps Economical  30 Days

100,000 Toman

 for 4 Mbps > 80GB monthly 

CRA No. 519370

8 Mbps Economical  30 Days

120,000 Toman

 for 8 Mbps > 100GB monthly 

CRA No. 519370

240 GB  90 Days

385,000 Toman

100 GB  180 Days

200,000 Toman

150 GB  180 Days

270,000 Toman

300 GB  180 Days

450,000 Toman

500 GB  180 Days

690,000 Toman

600 GB  365 Days

870,000 Toman

200 GB  365 Days

395,000 Toman

400 GB  365 Days

675,000 Toman