The latest applications, music albums, popular books & magazines - plus great movies!

The most important achievements and indicators


Easy payment


Secure apps


Latest available content


High-speed download


Publish your content and earn money


Variety of digital products

  • An all-inclusive market for digital content

    If you are interested in the latest versions of applications, great music albums, popular books, top movies and recognized magazines, all of them are available in Charkhoneh application.

  • Introducing Charkhoneh

    In Charkhoneh app, you can download anything you need for your android device with a high speed; and there’s no need to worry about the updates and security of apps and contents!

    Many features in Charkhoneh are free of charge, yet there are easy and safe ways to pay for those that are not.

  • Payment methods
    • Bank card
    • Charkhoneh credit
    • MTN Irancell SIM card credit


    MTN Irancell SIM card can be your digital wallet in Charkhoneh and you can easily buy applications using MTN Irancell credit or subscribe to their services by subscription payment.


  • Features
    • Earning money by uploading your own content
    • Access to popular applications (PUBG Mobile, Instagram, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Free Fire)
    • A large assortment of digital content (games, apps, music, movies, books, newspapers, magazines, audiobooks)
    • Easy purchase through MTN Irancell charging, bank gateways, Charkhoneh credit or monthly payment



  • Earn money online

    You can earn money by sharing your contents, and enjoy what others have shared. All you have to do is just follow these steps:


    In Charkhoneh app (mobile):

    Download the app and sign up in it. Go to the video section and upload your video by clicking on the yellow circle icon at the bottom of the page.


    In Web version (PC):

    Go to and sign up. Then drag & drop your video into the yellow box section.

    After your upload is finished, it will be reviewed by Charkhoneh support team and then published upon approval.

    Once your video is published, each minute it is watched by Charkhoneh’s visitors will earn you money!


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