Irancell Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet Services

MTN Irancell users can recharge the digital wallet to easily purchase digital services and products in a secure and advantageous way. To refill the wallet, you can simply use MyIrancell app or dial *6*1#.


Your Purchases Are Made Super Easy for:

Irancell Data, Voice and Text Packages

Pishvaz RBTs


Special Offers:

By the first recharge of the wallet to the amount of at least 10,000 Toman, 2G free data will be granted to you (with same day validity).

For each recharge of the wallet, 10% to 25% of the amount will be added to the available balance as digital WOW charge. For example, if you refill your wallet to the amount of 3,000 T, 10% of which (i.e. 300 T) will be added to the account balance.


Features to be added soon:

Buying subscriptions on Lenz IPTV

Irancell bill payment

Access to other useful apps


  • How can I use my digital wallet balance?
    If your wallet is adequately recharged, you can use the available balance to buy Irancell data, voice or text packages and enjoy various digital services such as  Charkhoneh app and its amusing contents including films, music, audio books and many other educational and exiting contents. On top of that, you can have access to other digital services and applications such as Bazik, Digitoon and Pishvaz app. To view the list of services available through Irancell digital wallet, visit MyIrancell.
  • How can I recharge my digital wallet?

    You can recharge the wallet using either of the following ways:

    1. Dialing *6*1#

    2. Visiting Digital Wallet section on MyIrancell

  • How can I manage digital wallet and my active content services?
    To manage your digital services account, visit MyIrancell (Digital Wallet Section) or dial *6# to get aware of your wallet balance. Similarly, you can dial *800# to view and manage your active digital and content services.
  • Is Digital Wallet available for both pre- and post-paid subscribers?
  • What are the advantages of digital wallet?
    You can access to various digital services in a single click and, among other things, enjoy high security, easy access, exciting prizes and gifts.
  • Is it possible to use my digital wallet’s balance for purchasing Irancell voice, data or SMS packages?
    Yes. Currently it’s available to prepaid and postpaid users with android devices. The web and PWA (for iOS users) versions are also going to be accessible in the near future.
  • Is it possible to recharge the wallet to my desired amount?
    Currently you can only recharge the wallet to the predefined amounts, but soon charging the wallet to your desired amount will be added to the wallet’s features.
  • Is there an expiry date for the amounts recharged on my wallet?
  • What is digital WOW charge?
    For each recharge of the wallet, 10% to 25% of the amount will be added to the available balance as digital WOW charge. You can use WOW charge for Irancell data, SMS and on-net calls.
  • How can I get to know my wallet balance?
    You can visit MyIrancell app or dial *6#.
  • How can I use my WOW charge?
    The amount of WOW charge will be added to your SIM card’s airtime. In this case, if you use data, SMS or on-net call before expiry of WOW charge, the cost will primarily be deducted from your WOW charge. Once the WOW charge is used up, the remaining costs will be deducted from your SIM card’s airtime.
  • How can I get informed of digital wallet’s contests and special offers?
    You can dial *6# or visit Digital Wallet Services submenu on MyIrancell to get informed of “Contests and Special Offers” as well as “Digital Wallet Super Special Offers”.
  • How can I buy Irancell data, voice or text packages via my digital wallet?
    First you need to top up your digital wallet account by dialing *6# or via MyIrancell application, and then make your usual purchase using your digital wallet balance.
  • What’s the benefit of purchasing Irancell data, voice or text packages via digital wallet?
    Tons of rewards and gifts … to name only a few of its benefits!
  • Is there an expiry date for digital WOW charge?

    Yes, the WOW charge is valid for 7 days.

    WOW charge expiry (days) WOW Charge Amount (IRR) Amount of Gift (%) Recharged Amount (IRR)
    7 1,000 10% 10,000
    7 2,000 10% 20,000
    7 3,000 10% 30,000
    7 5,000 10% 50,000
    7 15,000 15% 100,000
    7 50,000 25% 200,000
    7 125,000 25% 500,000

Online businesses can add their various products and services to Irancell Digital Wallet to enjoy the access to the wide range of Irancell subscribers over digital platform.

Advantages of Digital Wallet for Online and Digital Businesses

Digital wallet removes complicated processes such as OTP or the requirement for submission of confidential banking details, not to mention that it provides an easy and secure platform for integrated payment transactions which brings a pleasant user experience.

Various gifts and offers as well as the advantages of digital wallet encourage the users to purchase more from the businesses available on digital wallet and can widely increase customer satisfaction.

The secure and advanced platform offered by MTN Irancell as Iran’s First and Greatest Digital Operator and the access to Irancell wide users play an important role in the increase of wallet users and consequently, increase in the use of online services available on the wallet. Users’ trust to Irancell and its background are a significant encouragement for users to enjoy the digital services accessible in the wallet.

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