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Our newest voice packages in Irancell WOW code, give you the freedom to choose from a complete set of voice packages according to your needs and talk to all the domestic line of the country, receive unprecedented discounts on your on-net calls and, moreover, get free voice in proportion to the minutes of your daily talks!

The new WOWCall and WOWTalk voice packages, along with other hourly, daily, weekly, 15-days, monthly voice packages in our famous WOW Code *4444#, make up a comprehensive set, and all Irancell users (prepaid and postpaid) can activate them by dialing *4444*1# or through MyIrancell super application.

New Voice Package Details in WOW Code *4444#



a monthly combo package that includes discounted call with all domestic phone lines (on-net & off-net). By purchasing it you’ll have 10 times voice credit for the paid price of your on-net calls!

Imagine that you purchase a WOWCall package for 3,000 Tomans. You’ll have 30,000 Tomans on-net credit for your Irancell calls and 1,500 Tomans off-net credit for your non-Irancell calls.



when having this package activated, based on your usage pattern we’ll offer you that for certain minutes of your voice calls throughout the day (before 21:00), you’ll receive a 1-hour free voice package with all the domestic lines. This gift package could be used in your first call between 21:00 to 24:00 of the same day.

How to Purchase and Activate:

  • Dialing Irancell WOW Code (Voice submenu): *4444*1#
  • MyIrancell Super App


Some Notes Regarding WOWCall Packages:

  • Your gift will be based only on the voice from your main Irancell account; in other words, if you have purchased and activated a voice package, the used minutes from this package will not be calculated for your WOWCall gift.
  • The used and remaining minutes for receiving gift voice package will be texted to you after each call.
  • The gift voice package is a 1-hour package which you can use between 21:00 to 24:00 of the same day. Please have in mind that this package could be once used in your first call after 21:00.