Roaming Internet Packages

You, the subscribers, can use roaming services in any country that has roaming services in agreement with Irancell, with a few simple clicks, to purchase any internet package for your number or that of your friends, and pay for it online. Enjoy Irancell High Speed!


As the terms and conditions for buying roaming packages have changed, we recommend you to review below notes.

  • To check the remaining validity of the packages, you can dial the code *1111*6# from your Irancell line. do.
  • If you use operators other than those specified in the field below for each country, your data usage charges will be based on the roaming tariff of that country.
  • After returning to Iran, it is not possible to continue using the packages and the remaining volume will expire.
  • The start date of each purchased package will be equal to the date of purchase of the package, even if more than one package is purchased

After selecting the destination country and operator, the results will be displayed.