Well Being

We are committed to enhance the well-being of all the people in our community and aim for making our country a happier place to live in. We support various events related to sports, art and health in order to further motivate our people to be engaged in such activities.


Irancell Sponsors Shiraz’s International Rally

Irancell Sponsors Persepolis, Esteghlal and Tractor Football Clubs

The Cooperation is aimed at creating sustainable development and promoting the economic and cultural status of Esteghlal, Persepolis and Tractor football clubs and it is hoped to be the starting point for maximizing their potentialities to provide more services to their millions of fans.

MTN Irancell and La Liga Sign a Cooperation Contract

During a press conference held at MTN Irancell headquarter, MTN Irancell and La Liga cooperation has kicked off. The ceremony attended by MTN Irancell Managing Director, Spanish Ambassador, La Liga administrators, a number of deputies and managers of MTN Irancell, directors of Persepolis, Esteghlal, Tractor Sazi football clubs and a number of prominent Iranian and Spanish football figures, including Javad Nekounam and Fernando Morientes.

The partnership is aimed at providing products related to football, as well as mobile technology, including La Liga channel on MTN Irancell Lenz (IPTV) application platform. It is hoped that this cooperation would be the starting point for improving the level of football in the country through providing access to the up-to-date and first-hand content of the world football and present more services to the fans of this popular sport in the country which will lead to Irancellers ultimate satisfaction.


Irancell Sponsors Iran’s Pro League 2015-2016 Draw Event


Irancell Sponsors Iran Play-Off Football Champion Ceremony (2014-2015)

Irancell Sponsors Iran Football Pro League 2014-2015 Champion Ceremony

Irancell Sponsors Iran Persian Gulf Football Pro League 2014-2015

Irancell Sponsors Shiraz’s International Rally (Spring 2015)


Irancell the superior sponsor of the first Iran Motorcycle Race (September 2014)

Irancell sponsors Iranian teams for 2012 Olympics

According to the agreement concluded between Irancell CEO and Head of the National Olympic Committee, Irancell would be the exclusive sponsor of Iranian teams for 2012 Olympics.

This agreement is intended to facilitate the participation of Iranian athletes in 2012 Olympics and pave the way for using all the opportunities in this great sports event.

According to Irancell CEO, Mr. Dezfouli, the Olympic Games offer an opportunity for different athletes and cultures to gather together. Therefore, Irancell will sponsor all the Iranian teams for Olympics 2012 to fulfill part of its social responsibility.

He further stated that improvement of sports events sponsorship, creating excitement among Irancell young subscribers, and communicating the games results are among the main purposes of sponsorship of Iranian teams in Olympic 2012.

Irancell sponsors "Persian Gulf Premium League, Irancell Cup"

By conclusion of an agreement between the Head of Iranian Football Premier League and Irancell CEO, the sponsorship of the football premium league 1390-1391 named as Persian Gulf Premier League, "Irancell Cup" was undertaken by Irancell.

The objectives of such agreements include: increasing the public interest in football via mass media (especially through Irancell mobile and WiMAX platform), introducing the national football and the Premium League to the Iranians via innovative value added mobile contents and paving the way for extended relations between the specialists, authorities, sportsmen and fans using Irancell state-of-the-art mobile and WiMAX services.

Irancell is honored to have its brand name accompanied by the glorious name of "Persian Gulf". Irancell hopes the value and true meaning of the national heritage "Persian Gulf" is once again highlighted.

Irancell Vitrin includes different Premium League contents. To get the contents list (news, schedules, additional information, etc.), send a message to 9091, free of charge.

Irancell Sponsors Shiraz’s International Rally (Spring 2015)

Irancell sponsors Iran Health exhibition (2014)


Irancell sponsored the "Kung Fu To'a" World Cup in Shiraz (October-November 2011)

Irancell sponsors National Volleyball Team in Asia Cup

Irancell is honored to sponsor the National Volleyball Team in qualifying Olympics 2012 in addition to the Asian Volleyball Cup and qualifying Volleyball World Cup.

Our National Volleyball Team became the Asia Champion for the first time and qualified for the 2012 Olympics by defeating all the rivals not to mention defeating China on 29 September 2011.

Other sports events sponsored by Irancell include:

  • Irancell sponsored Esteghlal - Persepolis match in the Football Premium League 86-87
  • Irancell sponsored the "Kung Fu To'a" World Cup in Shiraz (October-November 2011)

Irancell sponsored Esteghlal - Persepolis match in the Football Premium League 86-87

Irancell Sponsors Iran’s First Concert-Theatre Called "Last Days of Winter"

Irancell sponsors the great concert of Hafez and Shahram Nazeri

Hafez Nazeri, the creator of #1 billboard "Rumi Symphony Project: Untold" at a concert with Shahram Nazeri, the receipiant of Légion d'honneur.

Irancell’s active participation in HSE conference


Irancell, Sponsor of 5th Digital Media Exhibition (September 2011)

The 5th Digital Media Exhibition held in Mosalla Tehran (90 thousands m2) dated 6-16 October 2011 and sponsored by Irancell had 900 stands and was attended by participants from 30 foreign countries. The Exhibition had visitors interested in different fields such as mobile, media in the mirror of art, computer games, etc.

Cooperation with Iran MS Org

Cooperation with Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation

Thanks to cooperation between Irancell and Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation (IKRF), Irancell subscribers can now give their alms and cash donations to IKRF via mobile phone.

In line with its social responsibilities, Irancell has paved the way for this charitable donation so that the subscribers can readily make their cash donations to the needy everywhere and anytime by their mobile phone.

Irancell subscribers can send a free SMS to short code 8133 to transfer the specified amount of donations to IKRF account.

Cooperation with State Welfare Organization

In cooperation with State Welfare Organization (SWO), Irancell launched "Hamrah-e-Mehr" system which enables the benevolent people to make their charitable contributions via their mobile phone, to help the needy supported by SWO.

The platform of Hamrah-e-Mehr System has been launched in cooperation with Irancell and in line with SWO strategy for maximum participation of the companies and organizations in fulfilling their social responsibilities.

Irancell subscribers can send a free SMS to short code 8111 to transfer the specified amount of donations to SWO.

Cooperation with Iranian Red Crescent Society

In cooperation between Irancell and Iranian Red Crescent Society (RCS), the "Public Participation 8115" service was launched which enables the subscribers to know how the donations are raised via mobile phone.

“Hamrah-e-Mehrabani” System has been launched in joint cooperation with Irancell aiming at implementing RCS strategy to attract optimal public contribution and to encourage companies to fulfill their social responsibility.

You can send a blank SMS to 8115 to choose one of the short codes mentioned below to deduct the following amounts from your airtime and transfer the same to the needy:

  • 81151: IRR 5000
  • 81152: IRR 10,000
  • 81153: IRR 20,000
  • 81154: IRR 50,000

At the end, you will receive a confirmation SMS.

These services are provided for humanitarian and relief purposes to alleviate the suffering of the needy and to support their life and health. Upon final confirmation, the donated amounts will be charged in the postpaid subscribers' bill and/or deducted from the prepaid subscribers' airtime.

Youth Education

Our main objective is to enhance the learning culture and increase the general knowledge of the youth. We aim for promoting positive youth development, motivating them to put more effort in learning and making them familiar with the latest achievements in science and technology.


Irancell Sponsors Tehran Game Convention (TGC)

Irancell Sponsors the third round of Tehran Independent Game Producer Festival

Irancell Sponsors the First National Conference on Digital Game Research


Irancell Sponsors the International Holy Quran Competitions (2011, 2014 & 2015)

Dedicating Amounts Related to "One Image-One Brick" Campaign to the Organization for Development, Renovation and Equipping Schools of Iran (2015)

Active Participation in Tehran After Sales Services Exhibition (Spring 2015)


Irancell sponsors Programming Contest Allameh Helly High Sschool (Winter 2014)

Irancell sponsors Tehran International Book Fair (2011, 2014)

Irancell Sponsors TELECOM Exhibition (2007 - 2015)

Irancell Sponsors the First Digital Media and Information Technology Exhibition (2014)


Irancell Sponsors Tehran's Computer Games Exhibition (2013)

Irancell Sponsors Iran Mobile Congress (Feb. 2013 )


Irancell Sponsores the 1st Computer Games Festival and Exhibition

The 1st Computer Games Festival and Exhibition was held in Conference Hall of Milad Tower at the presence of the state culture authorities. The event was sponsored by Irancell.

Irancell, Sponsor of the Second International Conference on e-Citizen and Mobile Phone (December 2011)

Irancell, Sponsor of Iran 2nd Mobile VAS Conference

The 2nd Mobile Value-Added Services (VAS) Conference will be sponsored by Irancell and held by the Technology Research Center of Sharif University of Technology in February-March 2012. Irancell will attend this Conference as the first VAS web provider in Iran (Vitrin Portal).

Irancell, Sponsor of 2nd ICT Service Centers National Conference

Irancell sponsored the 2nd National Conference on ICT Service Centers and the non-governmental public sector and their role in realization of e-government, held on 26 December 2011 in the Conference Hall of Ministry of Interior.

The Conference was devoted to describing and defining the methods for implementing, decision making, and providing annual balance sheets and reports about these ICT service centers, not to mention providing the future perspective and roadmap for development and integration of ICT and the public sector.

Irancell Sponsors Isfahan 2nd Specialized Exhibition

The Second Specialized Exhibition of Telecommunications was held in Isfahan Permanent International Fairground from 18 to 21 June 2011 sponsored by Irancell Telecommunications Services Company.

Irancell Sponsored Mashhad 4th ELECIT Exhibition

Mashhad Municipality held the 4th IT and Electronic City Exhibition (ELECIT 2011) from 7 to 10 June 2011 which was sponsored by Irancell Telecommunications Services Company in line with implementation of the metropolitan municipalities ICT development strategy. This Exhibition played an essential role in the interaction between the private, public and government sectors.

Irancells Active Participation in Tabriz Exhibition on Telecom

The Exhibition on Telecom, Computer and Related Industries dated 23- 27 July 2011 was well attended by Irancell in Tabriz Permanent Fairground of the East Azerbaijan Province.


Irancell's Active Participation in 1st Annual Iran Mobile VAS Conference

The First Annual Iran Mobile VAS Conference (February 2011) was held by the Technology Research Center of Sharif University in IRIB International Conference Center with Irancell participation as the first provider of VAS website in Iran (Vitrin Portal).

Irancell Sponsors Qom and Mashhad Elecomp Exhibitions


In addition to providing environmental friendly services and products, we also pursue the goal of promoting to preserve and protect green environment as one of our important social responsibilities.


Irancell plants 15,000 seedlingsh4. Go paperless, help preserve the environment.


Irancell supports environment (April-May 2016)

Desert's thirst will be quenched, if there exists "water"

In line with promotion and development of environment protection culture and sustainable water consumption, Irancell Telecommunications Services Company sponsored desert trekking program carried out by one of the champions of this field with the aim of beating a world record.

We are pleased to inform those who are interested in desert trekking that through Irancell sponsorship, the first phase of this program (150 kilometers east to west trekking of Rig Jenn Desert) was successfully completed by Younes Movahed Sariee who could walk the said path in winter within 2 days, 18 hours, for the first time in Iran and in the world.

Younes Movahed Sariee is a professional mountain climber from East Azerbaijan. He is the member of Iran Mountaineering Association who trekked this difficult path in Rig Jenn Desert with the aim of increasing hazardous desert trekking conditions.

This professional mountaineer is also the member of Iranian Cheetah Society and holds the record of walking around Iran.