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Ring Back Tone service lets you choose for each one of your callers a favorite tune from hundreds of different tunes so that they can listen to while being on call waiting time.

  • Features
    • Playing different RBTs for different callers
    • Setting a number of RBTs to be played randomly
    • Playing RBTs at your set times
  • Terms & Conditions for Your Purchase
    • A Ring Back Tone is charged 1000 Tomans for a 30day period or 420 Tomans for a 7day period.
    • RBT costs will be deducted from your account only when the purchase process has been carried out successfully.
    • If you’re a postpaid subscriber, the cost will be added to your bill and if you’re a prepaid user, it will be taken from your available credit.

    You can refer to our RBT application to check the prices for each tune

  • Activation Method

    To activate this service, you’ll need specific tone codes. To access these codes, follow these steps:

    1) Dialing *777#: this USSD gets you to the main RBT menu; otherwise you can dial any other code you want from the table below.

    2) RBT Application: select and buy your favorite tones with this app.

    Item USSD
    Mahboub Tarinha *777*1#
    Hot RBTs *777*2#
    Hot RBTs *777*3#
    Praying Service *777*4#
    Occasional RBTs *777*5#

    3) Refer to RBT Page: • Send tone code to 7575 • Direct purchase from RBT page

    Action How to Activate Example Playback Modes
    View the latest RBTs J J Single Mode, Multi-Mode
    View top ten RBTs DAH DAH Single Mode, Multi-Mode
    Search by song code Intended Code JK JK100123 Single Mode, Multi-Mode
    purchase song Song Code 100100 Single Mode, Multi-Mode
    View your purchased & still valid RBT packages (your album) A A Single Mode, Multi-Mode
    Purchase your RBT again (tone renewal) Song Code T T100100 Multi-Mode
    Delete purchased song Song Code HZ HZ100100 Single Mode, Multi-Mode
    RBT service temporary deactivation GHF GHF Single Mode, Multi-Mode
    RBT service permanent deactivation ENS ENS Single Mode, Multi-Mode
    Activation FA FA Single Mode, Multi-Mode
    Delete all settings for a specific RBT Song Code (space) HT HT 100100 Multi-Mode
    View your album's default playlist* L L Multi-Mode
    instruction R R Single Mode, Multi-Mode

    * Every tone that you buy is stored in your album and these tones will be sorted and played in their purchase order.

  • RBT Play Modes

    RBT service can be played in both single and multi-tone modes.

    • Single tone: you can only set a single RBT to be played for all your callers. In this mode, all callers will listen to only one single tone in their call waiting time.
    • Multi-tone: you can set one or more RBTs for different callers on different occasions. In this case, each one of your callers will listen to various tones at different times. If you would like to play RBTs in multi-tone mode, you can select and set your desired RBT for each caller in the app settings.
  • Multi-Tone Mode Features
    • Set one or more tones as default
    • Set different tones for different times
    • Set different tones for different callers
    • Create different groups of callers
    • Set more than one tone to be played randomly
  • Multi-Tone Mode Tools


    After purchasing each tone, it will be included in your album. This allows you to use all the tones in the album until their expiry date. Whenever a tone expires, it will be removed from your album automatically.


    By configuring this feature, you can use multi-tone playback option. If you have selected multi-tone mode, your chosen tones will be played randomly. It means that the system selects one of your tones accidentally and plays it to your caller.

    To configure playlists, you need to specify the following:

    Specific playlist: this feature allows you to set a custom RBT for each one of your contacts. It means that each caller will listen to the tone(s) you have specifically set for them.

    Group playlist: this feature allows you to set different tones for a special group of contacts. Whenever a member of this group calls you, they will listen to the tone(s) you have set for that particular group.

    Default playlist: this feature allows you to make an RBT list that will be played for people who haven’t called you yet or callers for whom you have not set a specific tone. If you have not activated the default playlist, the usual beep sound will be played during call waiting time for all the new callers and contacts who are out of specific or group lists.

    One or more RBT: each playlist (specific, group, or default) can be set with one or more RBT tones. If you have selected several tones for a playlist, one of them will be played to your caller randomly.

    Play time: you can customize the RBT(s) so that they could be played only at specific times. Different play modes include the following:

    • Permanent: by setting this mode, the selected RBT in the playlist will be played to the selected callers in all hours and days.
    • Daily: by setting this mode, the selected RBT in the playlist will be played daily at the times of your choice. For example, if you set 06:00 – 08:00 time frame for a playlist, the tones will be played daily for your callers only during this time frame.
    • Weekly: by setting this mode, the selected RBT will be played only on your chosen days of the week. For example, if you select Saturday to Wednesday for a playlist, your callers will listen to the RBT set in the list from the beginning of Saturday until the end of Wednesday.