The most spectacular programs through the lenz!

Interesting movies and series and live broadcast of sports competitions, football matches, music concerts, etc.

Lenz Internet TV

With “Lenz” Internet TV, a wide range of diverse cultural and educational content and the broadcast of football and sports matches are available to you with unparalleled image quality. You can automatically record programs and live broadcasts at a predetermined schedule, view the schedule of broadcast programs from different networks, and watch your favorite program wherever and whenever you want!

Live broadcast networks

Android Box and Android TV Versions of Lenz

Lenz IPTV has provided you with Android Box and Android TV versions of Lenz to access the content available on the Lenz platform. By downloading and installing Lenz on your devices, in addition to gaining access to a world of various movies and series, exciting sports competitions and other interesting content, you will also get 3 months of free Lenz subscription.

The audience of “Lenz” can be the lucky winner of Lenz awards every month by watching their favorite content (live broadcast of sports games, movies and series) through Lenz :

For more information about prizes and lottery conditions, visit Lenz website.

The more time you spend watching movies, series and animations from Lenz, the more points you will get and the more chances you will have in the lottery. The minimum uninterrupted viewing time to earn points in this marathon is 10 minutes, and you get 40 points for every 30 minutes of watching the program.

Download "Lenz" application

If you don’t have the Lenz application on your mobile phone, you can download it from here.

Do you have any questions about Irancell lenz?

Enter the subscription purchase page from the profile section and purchase the desired content on the Lenz application. It is possible to buy music or movies or live programs at the same time.

By selecting the desired network from the live broadcast section, you can see the program being broadcast and the seven-day archive of the network.

Yes. Select “playlist” in the desired network and activate the playback memory feature by clicking on the icon.

You can record while watching your favorite program or set the date and time for the lenz applications to record automatically. Also, your favorite program as long as it can be watched in the archive.

By selecting the lock icon, you can restrict access to the desired network content.

By giving stars, you can show how satisfied you are with the program you have watched.