The Most Spectacular Programs on Lenz!

Interesting movies and series, live broadcast of sports competitions, football matches, concerts, etc.

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Android Box and Android TV Versions of Lenz

Lenz IPTV has provided you with Android Box and Android TV versions of Lenz to access the content available on the Lenz platform. By downloading and installing Lenz on your devices, in addition to gaining access to a world of various movies and series, exciting sports competitions and other interesting content, you will also get 3 months of free Lenz subscription.

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Lenz IPTV Features

Predict Football Matches or Watch Films/serials to Get Points and Win the Prize

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Predict Football Matches or Watch Films/serials to Get Points and Win the Prize

Lenzsport+ Live Broadcast

Lenzsport+ Live Broadcast

No need to pay a subscription with Irancell traffic

Lenzsport Plus Features

Online broadcast of sports matches (live broadcast of football, volleyball, handball & World Cup 2022) with news

Review of last week’s sports matches

Overview of next week’s sports matches

Watch the best scenes from sports matches

Sports world news

Review of football news magazines

1 GB Gift to Download the Lenz Application

Spend more time watching Lenz IPTV in the summer of 1401 and be among the 1401 winners of 2GB free data. At the end of each month, the viewer with the longest hours of watching Lenz gets to win a brand new Samsung smartphone!

Note: The 1 GB gift is valid until the end of the day it is activated, and no matter how many friends you invite to the lenz in one day, you will receive only 1 GB of internet gift that day.

1 GB Gift to Download the Lenz Application

“Lenz” App Download

If you do not have the Lenz application on your mobile phone, you can download it here.

Click on this link to watch the instructional video of the “Lenz” application for iOS users.
With the help of new technology and advanced application, the restrictions imposed by Apple for iOS users will be permanently removed and Lenz application will run on these devices without the need for updates.

Installation guide:
– Enter the address in Safari browser. (Or click Download> Download PWA for iOS at the top of the page)
– After entering the page, select the button in the bottom bar of the page.
– Click on the Add to Home Screen option.
– Select the Add option.
– Lenz application icon has been added to your phone’s applications page. Click on it to enter the program.

What questions do you have about Lenz application?

Enter the subscription purchase page from the profile section and purchase the desired content on the Lenz application. It is possible to buy music or movies or live programs at the same time.