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Live broadcast of TV programs

  • Introducing Lenz

    Download Lenz application for free and, enjoying MTN Irancell free data, get access to a great collection of:

    • Latest domestic and international movies and TV shows (dubbed and Persian subtitled)
    • Live TV programs
    • Live broadcast of sport matches (Persepolis channel, football matches, channel 3, etc.)
    • Podcasts
    • Audiobooks
    • Latest music albums and …

    Watch Lenz on your phone or on TV at home together with your family and friends.


  • Features

    • Access to a great archive of movies, TV shows, music albums, domestic and international documentaries, etc.
    • Live TV programs, sport matches and cultural programs
    • Set a schedule to automatically record your desired live programs
    • View the list of various programs aired on TV
    • View the list of archived programs (accessible for 7 days after the live broadcast)
    • Add your favorite programs to the “Favorites” list and have an easier access to them

    To enjoy free traffic while watching Lenz, you need to have an active MTN Irancell data package in your account (gift packages are excluded).



  • The Original La Liga with MTN Irancell Lenz

    If you’re interested in watching live matches, news and football trivia, you can follow the Spain’s popular La Liga content through “Sport Plus” on Lenz channel. By paying a monthly or daily subscription fee, you’ll get access to various interesting La Liga contents on Lenz “Sport Plus”!


    • Analysis of the matches in the previous week
    • Review of the matches in the next week
    • La Liga best scenes
    • La Liga hot news
    • Analysis of football magazines
    • Introducing La Liga stadiums
    • La Liga documentaries
  • Lenz Marathon Fills with Gold Coins

    Lenz IPTV is going to offer exciting gifts for its Nowruz Campaign. To enter the campaign, you need to watch Lenz for at least 6 hours between 20 March and 02 April. For watching one hour of “Lenz Film”, “selected movies and serials” and “Lenz Sport”, you will respectively get 50, 50 and 20 points. Similarly, you can get 10 points for purchasing each audio book. The more you watch, the more you have the chance to be among 14 lucky winners who win two Bahar Azadi Gold Coins (full size) together with 12 Bahar Azadi Gold Coins (1/4 coin).