Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

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Moving or moving a mobile number is a feature that allows subscribers to other operators without Change your mobile number, change your operator for free, and become Irancell. in this User face can range from affordable prices, high speed internet, high quality antenna, variety Irancell services and products and extensive coverage with the same number as before.
Transportation costs are free.

1. Definitions related to transport

Basic Operator

The first operator to subscribe to receive mobile services, documentation Submit the required registration and authentication to the operator and subscribe document Has received.

Operator Reception (Destination, New)

An operator that subscribes to another operator intends to use its services without changing its number

Transmitter operator (origin, current)

An operator who subscribes to a service when requesting a number port.

Transport ID

The number assigned to each subscriber during a shipment that is easy to identify and track The process is transportation.

2. Only during office hours of the portability of the mobile number portability system Saturday to Wednesday from 9am to 5pm and Thursdays from 9am to 6pm (Except for public holidays) is possible. Of course the subscriber can submit their request in hours and Non-office days and holidays are also available on the operator's portal.

Requests to be recorded on weekends or off-hours, in office hours (Saturday to Wednesday) will be reviewed and implemented.

3. The transport request can be made either electronically or in person (by completing the transport request form) Done.

4. Each subscriber can only be transported twice a year for each mobile number (of course Returning to the base operator is not a transport.)

5. Possibility of first transfer only after 6 months from activation of the SIM card There is a base, but there will be no time limit for subsequent transfers.

6. Since each subscriber in each operator can eventually have 2 active mobile numbers (ie Credit and permanent) if a real subscriber with ownership فعال Active Number at Receiving Operator It will not be possible to transfer his number to the Receiving Operator

7. Transfer of the number of permanent subscribers subject to the settlement of the initial invoice issued by the operator Sender. The permanent subscriber must receive the initial billing SMS from the operator as soon as they are received The sender will pay the designated bill within one business day Slow. Failure to settle the initial bill within one day will approve the transportation request.

8. Ability to disable the number of permanent subscribers to the final settlement with the operator The transmitter does not act, it is received by the operator (as per Commission Regulation No. 5) Radio Regulatory Authority.)

Note: If joint debit amount is less than the residual amount guaranteed If the payment is made, the remaining amount of the guarantee will be returned to him if he wishes

9. Credit common number after shipment, still credit and permanent credit number after The number transport will remain permanently receptive to the operator (such as Peer possible).

10. After transferring the credit number, the joint credit in the transmitter operator will be zero; The subscriber must therefore take the necessary precautions before the transport request is finalized.

11. Upon migration to the Receiver Operator network, all previous subscription services and packages received Permanent and credit to the transmitter operator (Internet, SMS, etc.), except SMS Banking and government services are cut off. The subscriber also enjoys all the services of a receptive operator Will.

12. After transport, all call rates (including voice and SMS) are shared by Destination operator tariffs will be calculated.

13. Requests for transportation by legal subscribers must necessarily be signed or authorized by the owners Announce the nominated representatives in writing by the signatories.

14. On request by legal subscribers electronically, SMS from The Receiver Operator notifies the subscriber by visiting one of the Operator's offices in person Receive the registration of the transport request in person. No joint referral for registration Requesting in person will mean giving up the transport request.

1. After submitting a transport request, it may be rejected at different stages for a number of reasons These are the reasons for the fix and re-action through the Portal Operator Portal, the Service Bureau Subscribers or call centers will be notified by the operator.

2. Upon approval by the transmitter operator of the joint transport request, the receiving operator shall require a SIM card Deliver new to subscriber before disabling old SIM card.

3. Upon receipt of subscriber assigned traffic ID, activation time up to 3 days It will be valid for credit cards and up to 5 days for permanent cards It did. If the new SIM card is not activated by the same number as before, The subscriber should contact the host operator support center.

4. During the process and at any point in time, the office can access offices through the host operator portal. Subscriber services or call centers of that operator by providing tracking code received from traffic Be aware of your number.

5. Cancel the request until the Receiver Operator is ready to activate Traffic is available on the operator's portal using the tracking code (Traffic ID). Refer to the relevant operator's portal or its service office to cancel.

6. Any contact from regular subscribers during the transit request review period, plus any related fees Other services (discount packages, etc.) are included in the final bill. This bill It will be shipped to the subscriber within 1 to 2 months after shipping and the subscriber is required to pay it. the door Otherwise, the new operator's SIM card service will be terminated against the Commission's approval.

7. It takes from the maximum of 2 days and 20 minutes to complete the transport process until activation Common SIM card in new operator network, International roaming and overseas call for The previous SIM card will be permanently blocked.

1. The subscriber must return to the base operator to change ownership of the number transferred.

2. If the subscriber is inactive for 6 months in the host operator network, The base operator will have the right to deny the joint subscription and number assignment.

  • During the transportation process, you receive and send various notification texts. It's better Use a mobile phone that you believe is healthy rather than your messages Transfer properly and don't get in trouble.
  • Legal Subscriber Registration must be in writing by authorized owners or agents Introduced by visiting one of the service centers.

Methods of transportation to Irancell

You can apply online or in person to access Irancell network. Steps related to each The method is fully illustrated in the following screenshots.

In-person Transport

Steps 1, 2 and 3 are done on the previous SIM card.


Visit Irancell Sales Centers


Presentation of National Card and Registration Form


Receive SIM card (non-Irancell)


Reply to confirmation SMS from previous SIM card


Receiving and retaining a traffic ID from a previous SIM card


Receive SMS successful operation on previous SIM card


Irancell SIM card activation

Online traffic

Steps 1, 2 and 3 are done on the previous SIM card.


Visit Irancell


Irancell Registration Form


Reply to confirmation SMS from previous SIM card


Receive and maintain a traffic ID from your previous SIM card


Receive Irancell Disabled SIM Card at Home Door and Submit Copy of National Card to Agent


Receive successful operation SMS on previous SIM card


Irancell SIM card activation