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Moving or moving a mobile number is a feature that allows subscribers to other operators without Change your mobile number, change your operator, and become Irancell. in this User face can range from affordable prices, high speed internet, high quality antenna, variety Irancell services and products and extensive coverage with the same number as before.

1. Definitions related to transport

Basic Operator

The first operator to subscribe to receive mobile services, documentation Submit the required registration and authentication to the operator and subscribe document Has received.

Operator Reception (Destination, New)

An operator that subscribes to another operator intends to use its services without changing its number

Transmitter operator (origin, current)

An operator who subscribes to a service when requesting a number port.

Transport ID

The number assigned to each subscriber during a shipment that is easy to identify and track The process is transportation.

2. Only during office hours of the portability of the mobile number portability system Saturday to Wednesday from 9am to 5pm and Thursdays from 9am to 6pm (Except for public holidays) is possible. Of course the subscriber can submit their request in hours and Non-office days and holidays are also available on the operator's portal.

Requests to be recorded on weekends or off-hours, in office hours (Saturday to Wednesday) will be reviewed and implemented.

3. The transport request can be made either electronically or in person (by completing the transport request form) Done.

4. Each subscriber can only be transported twice a year for each mobile number (of course Returning to the base operator is not a transport.)

5. Possibility of first transfer only after 6 months from activation of the SIM card There is a base, but there will be no time limit for subsequent transfers.

6. Since each subscriber in each operator can eventually have 2 active mobile numbers (ie Credit and permanent) if a real subscriber with ownership فعال Active Number at Receiving Operator It will not be possible to transfer his number to the Receiving Operator

7. Transfer of the number of permanent subscribers subject to the settlement of the initial invoice issued by the operator Sender. The permanent subscriber must receive the initial billing SMS from the operator as soon as they are received The sender will pay the designated bill within one business day Slow. Failure to settle the initial bill within one day will approve the transportation request.

8. Ability to disable the number of permanent subscribers to the final settlement with the operator The transmitter does not act, it is received by the operator (as per Commission Regulation No. 5) Radio Regulatory Authority.)

Note: If joint debit amount is less than the residual amount guaranteed If the payment is made, the remaining amount of the guarantee will be returned to him if he wishes

9. Credit common number after shipment, still credit and permanent credit number after The number transport will remain permanently receptive to the operator (such as Peer possible).

10. After transferring the credit number, the joint credit in the transmitter operator will be zero; The subscriber must therefore take the necessary precautions before the transport request is finalized.

11. Upon migration to the Receiver Operator network, all previous subscription services and packages received Permanent and credit to the transmitter operator (Internet, SMS, etc.), except SMS Banking and government services are cut off. The subscriber also enjoys all the services of a receptive operator Will.

12. After transport, all call rates (including voice and SMS) are shared by Destination operator tariffs will be calculated.

13. Requests for transportation by legal subscribers must necessarily be signed or authorized by the owners Announce the nominated representatives in writing by the signatories.

14. On request by legal subscribers electronically, SMS from The Receiver Operator notifies the subscriber by visiting one of the Operator's offices in person Receive the registration of the transport request in person. No joint referral for registration Requesting in person will mean giving up the transport request.

1. After submitting a transport request, it may be rejected at different stages for a number of reasons These are the reasons for the fix and re-action through the Portal Operator Portal, the Service Bureau Subscribers or call centers will be notified by the operator.

2. Upon approval by the transmitter operator of the joint transport request, the receiving operator shall require a SIM card Deliver new to subscriber before disabling old SIM card.

3. Upon receipt of subscriber assigned traffic ID, activation time up to 2 days It will be valid for credit cards and up to 3 days for permanent cards It did. If the new SIM card is not activated by the same number as before, The subscriber should contact the host operator support center.

4. During the process and at any point in time, the office can access offices through the host operator portal. Subscriber services or call centers of that operator by providing tracking code received from traffic Be aware of your number.

5. Cancel the request until the Receiver Operator is ready to activate Traffic is available on the operator's portal using the tracking code (Traffic ID). Refer to the relevant operator's portal or its service office to cancel.

6. Any contact from regular subscribers during the transit request review period, plus any related fees Other services (discount packages, etc.) are included in the final bill. This bill It will be shipped to the subscriber within 1 to 2 months after shipping and the subscriber is required to pay it. the door Otherwise, the new operator's SIM card service will be terminated against the Commission's approval.

7. It takes from the maximum of 2 days and 20 minutes to complete the transport process until activation Common SIM card in new operator network, International roaming and overseas call for The previous SIM card will be permanently blocked.

1. The subscriber must return to the base operator to change ownership of the number transferred.

2. If the subscriber is inactive for 6 months in the host operator network, The base operator will have the right to deny the joint subscription and number assignment.

  • During the transportation process, you receive and send various notification texts. It's better Use a mobile phone that you believe is healthy rather than your messages Transfer properly and don't get in trouble.
  • Legal Subscriber Registration must be in writing by authorized owners or agents Introduced by visiting one of the service centers.
  • What is MNP or Mobile Number Portability?
    Mobile number portability is a feature that allows subscribers of other operators to change their operator without changing their mobile number and join Irancell network. In this way, the user can enjoy the affordable prices, high-speed Internet, high quality signaling, various services and products and the widespread coverage of Irancell network with the same mobile number.‌
  • Which operators support MNP?
    Mobile number porting is carried out merely among Irancell, MCI, and RighTel.
  • Do I have to pay for porting to Irancell network?
    Yes, the cost of porting to Irancell network is 15,000 Tomans.
  • Does my number change if I port to Irancell?
    No, you will be able to use Irancell services with your current mobile number.
  • Can I submit my MNP request if I am not the owner of a mobile number?
    No, MNP will be done only at the request of the owner of the mobile number.
  • How can I submit an MNP request?
    You can submit your MNP request via Irancell website, or you may go to Irancell Service Centers or dealer shops or else use Irancell service teller machines (iSTM).
  • How long does it take for an MNP process to be completed?
    It will take 2 working days for prepaid numbers and 3 working days for postpaid numbers.
  • Is it possible for foreign nationals to submit MNP request?
    No, this feature is not accessible to foreign nationals.
  • At what time can the MNP process be carried out?
    The MNP process can be carried out only during working hours of MNP system, i.e. from Saturdays to Wednesdays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and on Thursdays from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (except for Fridays and official holidays).‌‌‌ Of course the subscriber may submit their request in the new (recipient) operator’s portal at non-business hours and days as well as on holidays; yet such requests will be reviewed and carried out only at office hours (as described above).
  • How many times am I allowed to make a MNP request?
    For each mobile number, subscribers can submit an MNP request not more than 2 times a year (a full year must have passed after their first number porting). It should be noted that returning to the donor operator, though being a porting process, is not calculated as the porting times.
  • How long does it take to receive my SIM card after submitting my port request on Irancell website?
    No more than 48 hour as of approval of MNP request by the donor operator, the new SIM card will be posted to you.
  • What should I do if I don't receive my SIM card upon submitting my MNP request on Irancell website?
    In case you didn’t receive your SIM card upon the schedule announced by the operator, you can report and follow up the case by dialing 700 from Irancell lines and/or dialing 09377000000 from other lines.
  • Is it possible to submit my MNP request if I have switched my Irancell SIM card from prepaid to postpaid?
    In this case you should wait at least 3 months before you can submit any MNP request.
  • Can I change my SIM card ownership after porting?
    Change of ownership is only possible via the donor operator. Therefore, you should first submit your MNP request to your first operator, so that the change of ownership becomes feasible.
  • Does change of ownership have any impact on increasing the number of times MNP requests may be submitted?
    In general you can submit two MNP requests within the course of one year for each line and this is not affected by changes in ownership.
  • When can the new owner submit an MNP request, upon change of ownership?
    There is no time limit for submitting an MNP request in such cases. The only point to have in mind is whether the previous owner has submitted any MNP request within the past year or not. If they have successfully completed their two MNPs, ported to the donor operator and changed the line ownership, the new SIM owner cannot make any MNP requests within one year as of the first successfully completed MNP.
  • Can I submit an MNP request upon purchasing a SIM card?
    The first MNP request may only be submitted after 3 months as of activating your SIM card by the donor operator.
  • How can I cancel my MNP request?
    You should go to MNP page on Irancell website to submit your cancellation request or go to one of Irancell service centers with your identity documents. It is possible to cancel the porting request before deactivation of the donor SIM card (by the donor operator). The cancellation request must be made only through the recipient operator.
  • Is it possible for a prepaid subscriber to ask for a postpaid SIM card when submitting MNP request?
    No, the subscription type (prepaid/postpaid) doesn’t change while porting.
  • In MNP terms & conditions, it’s stated that a number can be ported two times in a year; does that mean a solar year?
    No, that is one year passed from the first porting.
  • How long after porting am I able to request for another porting or returning to my former (donor) operator?
    After the porting process is completed, it will be possible to port the number to another operator or return to your donor operator immediately.
  • If I have switched from prepaid to postpaid SIM card, is it possible to port the number immediately after that?
    If you’ve been actively using your SIM card services for more than 3 months, you can submit your MNP request.
  • If the SIM card is not used after porting, is it possible for the new operator to deregister it?
    If the subscriber (postpaid or prepaid) remains inactive in the network of the new operator (recipient operator) for 6 months after porting, the new operator is not allowed to assign the deregistered number to a third party and is obligated to inform MNP Administration Center about the circumstances. Ultimately, the donor operator is entitled to deregister the SIM card and assign it to another subscriber.
  • Is it possible to port Irancell’s free and gift SIM cards?
    Yes, but please have in mind that porting out of Irancell network will not be free of charge. In case you wish to port to other networks, you should have at least IRR 200,000 in your account and then dial *555*1*14#. This fee is then automatically debited from your account and the MNP request is completed.
  • How can I invite my friends to port to Irancell?
    You can invite your friends either by using My Irancell application or by texting their number to 3131.
  • After porting to Irancell network, what happens to the monthly/yearly packages and the airtime I had in my former network? Will they get transferred?
    No, your current airtime and packages are not transferrable.
  • If postpaid subscribers who are creditor and have deposits in their account port to another operator's network and port back to Irancell after some time, can they get back their deposit and credit balance?
    They can go to Irancell Service Centers and make a request for getting their deposit and credit balance back.
  • Will my old services and VAS get transferred to my new SIM card after porting?
    No, the purpose of porting is to enjoy a wide range of newer and greater services. Your new Irancell SIM card will offer you various services as well as VAS, by use of which you can purchase and activate your desired product and gain an incredible experience of digital life.
  • How will the tariffs change after porting?
    All the tariffs will be calculated based on the conditions and regulations of your new operator.
  • Can I switch from prepaid to postpaid after porting to Irancell?
    Yes, it’s possible to switch from prepaid to postpaid after porting to Irancell network.
  • Do my callers realize that I have ported to another network?
    No. As per the decisions made by CRA, the special short beep will not be heard when calling a ported number. Therefore, the caller will not recognize whether the number is ported or not.
  • Do the subscribers who have ported their numbers for second time or more, get promotion offers?
  • Are the postpaid subscribers who port to Irancell network subject to partial and full suspension and finally deactivation in case they fail to pay their bills?
    If the ported postpaid bill is not settled within 28 days after it’s issued, the subscriber’s line will be partially suspended. In case the subscriber fails to pay the bill within 57 days after the partial suspension, Irancell may fully suspend the number. However, Irancell or other operators will not be entitled to deregister the ported number.
  • Is it possible to port to foreign operators?
    No. The subscribers may port their numbers among MCI, Irancell, and RighTel.
  • I have received an OTP for submitting my MNP request; meanwhile my Internet connection was lost and the MNP page was closed. Should I repeat the process?
    In Irancell MNP page, go to “MNP Process Completion” section and enter your mobile number and OTP to complete the process.
  • I have submitted my MNP request on Irancell website. Will my SIM card be deactivated immediately?
    No. However we recommend not using any services for which you may be charged until you get a message indicating the porting process is successful and receive your new SIM card.
  • How will be the service charges for a ported number?
    Prepaid SIM cards will be charged IR 899 and postpaid SIM cards IR 599 for making calls. You may find more information on specific tariffs by going to prepaid and postpaid SIM pages.
  • After porting to Irancell, my documents have not been successfully uploaded and my SIM card number is suspended in the system. Can I return to my former operator while being suspended in the recipient operator?
    No, MNP is only possible for active SIM cards. To follow up the reasons for your suspension and resolving the issue, please contact Irancell call center. Upon your line reactivation, you can submit your request for porting to your donor operator.
  • My SIM card has been lost after MNP request and during MNP process. Is it possible to seek any replacements at my former operator?
    If you’ve lost your SIM card after your MNP request has been approved, the new SIM card will be delivered to you upon MNP process completion. Yet in case you’ve lost it before your request approval, you should seek a replacement at your donor operator.
  • How can I contact you to follow up my MNP request and other services?
    You can reach out to us 24/7 by dialing 700 from Irancell lines and 0937700000 from other lines and follow the helpful instructions you’ll receive.
  • What is the usage limit of postpaid SIM cards that are ported to Irancell?
    It is 60,000 Tomans by default.
  • Why am I seeing this message when submitting my MNP request on website: "National ID number and mobile number do not match"?
    It means that the information you’ve entered doesn’t correspond to the registered information in Civil Registration system.
  • Are there any time or service limit on using the new (recipient) operator after porting?
    No, there is no limit and the new (recipient) operator must provide all the services in its network to the newly ported subscriber. The subscriber can use these services as long as they have not made a new MNP request. It should be noted that the previous activated services in former operator will not be available after MNP.
  • The estimated waiting time for the completion of porting process has elapsed, yet the process has not been completed and I haven’t received a text for that. How can I follow up?
    You can dial 700 (from Irancell lines) or 0937700000 (from other lines) to raise your issue and follow it up.
  • If I need to receive my itemized voice usage before porting to Irancell, is it legally justified for the operator to provide it?
    As long as you’re among Irancell’s subscribers, you can request your itemized voice usage. But after porting, you should seek a judicial decree to receive them.

Methods of transportation to Irancell

You can apply online or in person to access Irancell network. Steps related to each The method is fully illustrated in the following screenshots.

In-person Transport

Steps 1, 2 and 3 are done on the previous SIM card.

Visit Irancell Sales Centers 1

Visit Irancell Sales Centers

2 National Card and Registration

Presentation of National Card and Registration Form

Receive SIM card 3

Receive SIM card (non-Irancell)

Reply to confirmation SMS from previous SIM card 4

Reply to confirmation SMS from previous SIM card

Receiving and retaining a traffic ID from a previous SIM card 5

Receiving and retaining a traffic ID from a previous SIM card

Receive SMS successful operation on previous SIM card 6

Receive SMS successful operation on previous SIM card

Irancell SIM card activation 7

Irancell SIM card activation

Online traffic

Steps 1, 2 and 3 are done on the previous SIM card.

Visit Irancell 1

Visit Irancell

2 Irancell Registration Form

Irancell Registration Form

Reply to confirmation SMS from previous SIM card 3

Reply to confirmation SMS from previous SIM card

Receive and maintain a traffic ID from your previous SIM card 4

Receive and maintain a traffic ID from your previous SIM card

Disabled SIM Card at Home Door and Submit Copy of National Card to Agent 5

Receive Irancell Disabled SIM Card at Home Door and Submit Copy of National Card to Agent

Receive successful operation SMS on previous SIM card 6

Receive successful operation SMS on previous SIM card

Irancell SIM card activation 7

Irancell SIM card activation