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What’s the deal with these “Green Dots”?

What’s the deal with these “Green Dots”?

In case you’ve noticed recently, next to a number of our products and services there’s a beautiful green dot just like this one here: These dots are signs of the cashback reward rule in online purchases which means that if:
1) You make your online purchases in those products and services marked with a green dot and,
2) Your purchase is made from your bank account/gateway,
An additional percentage of your payment (ex VAT) will be deposited to your digital wallet as a cashback reward. Read more to learn more!

You don’t have much time for kicking off the New Year with a new phone!

Samsung S21 for 20 Lucky Winners!

Topping up and using your digital wallet as described below until the end of April 20, you can enter the end-of-the-year digital wallet lucky draw, increase your points and take a shot at winning one of the most brand-new smartphones made by Samsung!

warning For each 5,000 Tomans you add to your wallet, you’ll gain 1 point

warning For each 5,000 Tomans you spend from your wallet, you’ll gain 1 point

You have 2 simple ways to recharge/top-up your digital wallet:

warning Dialing *6*1#

warning MyIrancell Super Application > Digital Wallet

The more points you collect, the higher are your chances of turning out to be a winner!

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G SM-G991B/DS which comes with 128GB of internal memory and supports dual SIM cards, has been released by Samsung in 2021 and is one of those smartphones by which you can have a great experience of 5G technology!