Thrilling Contest in Bazik!

Thrilling Contest in Bazik!

In the last month of summer and the beginning of autumn, at Bazik app we have pulled out all the stops for you!

From 6th September to 7th October (15th Shahrivar to 15th Mehr), by gaining scores in Bazik application and ranking higher in scores table, you can get the chance of entering our lucky draw and winning one of our amazing prizes. You’ll both enjoy playing the great variety of games in this app and getting closer and closer to the sweet prize! Neat, huh? Yet keep in mind that in order to enter the lucky draw for each of the prizes in the table below, you’ll need to gain a minimum amount of scores and, naturally, the more your scores are, the better your chances of turning out to be a winner. And your scores will be visible to you inside Bazik app. Also we know that you want to win all the prizes at once, but we‘re afraid each user can win only one prize at this contest!

Here’s how to earn scores:

  • Downloading games
  • Purchasing subscription
  • Putting comments and ratings for each game

Prizes and the minimum of required scores to enter lucky draw for each of them:

PrizeMinimum Score Required
1 PlayStation 5 for a Winner1000 Points
5 Smartphones for 5 Winners500 Points
10 Gaming Mice for 10 Winners200 Points

You can freely download Bazik android application from Charkhoneh or the official website of Bazik at: