Recharge Option

We’re offering all you prepaid subscribers with great recharge options, enabling you to top-up your account at anytime and anywhere.

Online Recharge

From the below options, you could choose your needed airtime and pay for it online without any wages. Aside from 9% of value-added tax*, there won’t be any extra fees added to your bill.

*The tax amount is set by the government and will be transferred to the Government Treasury

Application MyIrancell

You can recharge your SIM with cards associated with SHETAB Network by logging into MyIrancell from your phone or tablet.

Get an advance recharge and pay it back the next time you top-up your account!

Recharge your prepaid SIM card, directly from your bank account. Whenever you reach the 200-Toman threshold, your desired top-up amount will be deducted from your bank account and added to your airtime automatically.

  • Bank Mellat:

    if you would like to top-up your SIM using your Bank Mellat account, you can use Hamrah Bank or go to Bank Mellat’s online banking page to request for Auto Recharge. The registration is free of charge.

  • Bank Saman:

    if you would like to top-up your SIM using your Bank Saman account, you can go to online banking section on Bank Saman website, to request for Auto Recharge. The registration is free of charge.

  • Bank Melli:

    if you would like to top-up your SIM using your Bank Melli account, you can go to Bank Melli’s online banking page and request for Auto Recharge. The registration is free of charge.

By activating this service you can receive 1GB free data after the first use of the service. You can also invite your Irancelli friends by sending their numbers to 3121 and both enjoy 1GB free unlimited internet!

P2P enables you to recharge your prepaid friends’ lines or you can request them to charge your prepaid line.

You can purchase airtime using POS devices or ATMs.

  1. Choose “Purchasing Irancell Recharge” option in POS devices or ATMs
  2. Select your desired amount
  3. Once the amounts are deducted from your bank account, you can have a printed receipt which contains your PIN
  4. Enter the PIN using the following USSD:

* 141 * 12-16 digit code #

The service is currently available at the following banks:
Mellat, Saman, Parsian, Melli,Asan pardakht

If the device cannot print out your PIN due to some technical problems, you can use only the same debit card and the same device to request for a reprint.

By dialing below code, you can send airtime to another prepaid account:

*141*12 or 16-digit PIN*Destination Prepaid number#

Please enter the destination prepaid number in this format: "93XXXXXXXX".
Sending gift airtime to another prepaid account will only cost 50 Tomans.

By dialing below code, you can recharge a Fixed Internet Packages prepaid account:

*141*12 or 16-digit PIN*Fixed Internet Packages ID#

Please make sure you enter the Fixed Internet Packages ID in this format: "94XXXXXXXX".
Sending gift airtime to a Fixed Internet Packages account won’t cost you anything.

By dialing *555# and selecting “account management” you can recharge your SIM card. You also have access to below options:

  • Mobile internet packages
  • Combo packages
  • Irancell promotional plan
  • Special tariffs
  • SIM management (MMS, internet, language,...)
  • Kids and Teens service

Prepaid subscribers can enjoy this special offer by simply dialing *145*PIN# to allocate their recharge amount to the internet package.

Top-up amount plus the relevant bulk of internet and the validity are provided below:

Recharge amount (Toman) Internet traffic (MB) Validity
1,000 40 1
2,000 100 3
5,000 270 10
10,000 600 15
20,000 5632 20

Dial *555*1*4# or use MyIrancell application to check your balance.

Dial *7*1# from your SIM card to pay your postpaid bill using your bank card; just make sure you have its internet PIN with you. Dial *7*3# to pay your utilities' bills.