P2P Service

P2P enables you to recharge your prepaid friends’ SIMs or pay part of their postpaid bills by your postpaid or prepaid SIM.

  • How to use P2P

    To send your desired top-up, you can follow one of the methods below:

    • MyIrancell app

      Download and install MyIrancell application. At the bottom of its main page, tap on “Recharge a Friend” section and then go to P2P Service. Here you can enter your friend’s mobile number and your desired top-up amount.

    • USSD Codes

      If it’s the first time you want to send top-up to your friends, you need a 4-digit PIN. Dial *142*1# or *555*1*3*1# from your Irancell line to get your PIN. From that time forward, you can dial the same codes and enter your top-up recipient number, your desired top-up amount and your exclusive 4-digit PIN to recharge your friends’ accounts or pay part of their bills.

    • SMS

      From left to right, type your top-up recipient number, the amount of top-up (in Rials) and your exclusive 4-digit PIN respectively in a message text, without any spaces between them and while a : separates them from each other; then send the text to 1112. That’s it!

      From left to right:

      Top-up recipient number:top-up amount in Rials:4 digit PIN


    • Notes:
      • For every P2P top-up, 50 Tomans will be debited from your account (as the sender).
      • Postpaid subscribers can send up to 5,000 Tomans per each month of their bill cycle.
      • This service is unavailable to postpaid subscribers who have not paid their bills by their due date.
      • You can dial *142*2# at any time and enter your NID number to change your 4-Digit PIN.
      • If you enter your P2P PIN incorrectly more than 20 times, the service will be temporarily deactivated for you. You can dial 700 form Irancell lines or 09377000000 from other lines to contact our Call Center and request service reactivation.
      • You can’t transfer any amount from your WOW top-up using P2P service.
      • If your number has been misused regarding top-up transfer or bill payment through P2P service, or if you wish to have the list of numbers that transferred top-up to you or paid your bill or you have done the same for them, you’ll need to refer to the legal authorities and submit the letter received from them to our legal department for further follow up and action.
  • Request Recharge

    You can ask for credit from your friends through one of the following options:

    Download and install MyIrancell application. At the bottom of its main page, tap on “Recharge a Friend” section and then go to P2P Service. Here choose “Charge Me” option and then enter the mobile number and the desired top-up amount; then send your request to the related number.

    • USSD Codes:

    Dial *555*1*3*3# or *142*3# then enter the desired top-up amount and the related number to ask for top-up. After you have sent the request, your friend will receive an SMS including your number, the requested top-up amount and the verification code, from 1115. To accept the request, they need to simply send the verification code to 1115.