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Comprehensive Market for Digital Contents

If you are interested to have access to the new local and international applications, fascinating music songs, famous books and movies as well as accredited magazines, you will have them all at Charkhoneh. /p>



All you need for your android devices can be downloaded at a high speed in this platform and you can rest assured that the contents and applications are up-to-date and secure.‌‌‌

The majority of the contents are free of charge and the paid ones can be easily and securely purchased.‌

Payment Methods‌

  • Bank Cards
  • Charkhoneh Credit
  • Irancell SIM Card Credit‌

You can either use your Irancell SIM card credit as a wallet to easily purchase your contents or pay the subscription fee for having access to the contents.‌‌‌‌


  • Earning money through user-generated contents
  • Access to popular applications and games such as PUBG Mobile, Instagram, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and Free Fire.‌
  • Wide variety of digital contents (games, applications, music, movies, books, newspapers, magazines and audio books)
  • Easy purchase via Irancell SIM card credit, bank payment, Charkhoneh credit or monthly subscription

Earning Money Online through Charkhoneh

You can earn money by sharing your contents at Charkhoneh and at the same time enjoy the contents shared by the others.‌

To do so, simply follow these steps:

Through Charkhoneh mobile app: Download the application and register.‌ Go to video section and click the “yellow circle icon” at the bottom of the page and then upload your video.

Through Charkhoneh desktop version: Visit and register.‌ Drag & Drop your video into the yellow section.

Your uploaded video will be checked by Charkhoneh and then published, if approved.‌

Once your video is published, you will earn money online for every minute your video is played by the other visitors.‌

For more info, click here.

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