How to file a complaint

In case of witnessing any violations by any of our dealers, you can follow these steps.

How will the complaints be attended to:

  1. Filing a complaint:You can log your complaint requests through any of the methods mentioned in our Contact Us page.
  2. Receiving the confirmation:All complaints will be logged and a reference ID will be generated for each of them and communicated to the subscriber.
  3. Preliminary review:All the documentations will be processed and reviewed at this stage and in case any more details or explanations are needed, the subscriber will be contacted by Irancell.
  4. Settling the complaint:After the initial confirmation, the complaint will be referred to the related division and the follow-up process will be started by the relevant team; then the necessary measures will be taken to settle the complaint.
  5. Informing and carrying out a survey:The subscriber will then be informed of the steps taken as well as the result. The subscriber can then inform Irancell about how satisfied he was regarding the whole process, through SMS.
  6. Following up the complaint:All requests can be followed up using the reference ID allocated to the subscriber.
  • Complaints must be substantial and include reliable evidence.
  • You’ll need to enter your details including your mobile phone number so that we can inform you about the progress as the case is being reviewed.
  • The owner or his legal attorney will merely be allowed to file a complaint.