Voice SMS

All MTN Irancell prepaid subscribers can send voice messages up to 60 seconds to other MTN Irancell or non-MTN Irancell subscribers.

  • Each voice message sent to MTN Irancell subscribers and other operators’ subscribers costs 89.9 Tomans.
  • Voice SMS features
    • Scheduling a message to be sent on a certain date/time (record your voice now and send it at any time you wish)
    • Sending a single voice message to more than one subscriber simultaneously
    • Sending voice messages via SMS and automatic call
    • Sending an SMS to the sender of the voice message by the receiver confirming that they received the message
  • How to buy and use

    To send the voice message, dial 719 and start recording your message. You can then choose either of the following methods to send it to your desired recipient(s):

    Automatic Call: The subscriber will receive a system-generated call and can hear your voice message.

    SMS: The recipient of the message will know about your voice message via an SMS and can hear it by dialing the following numbers: 719 for MTN Irancell subscribers and 09377190000 for non-MTN Irancell subscribers.

  • Some considerations on using voice message:
    • All prepaid subscribers can send messages to other prepaid or postpaid subscribers of MTN Irancell or other operators.
    • Calling 719 is free of charge.
    • MTN Irancell subscribers may dial 719 to listen to their previous voice messages for free. Non-MTN Irancell customers can dial 09377190000 to do so.
    • In the automatic call method, the system will try calling the subscriber to play the voice messages four times and if the subscriber is not available, they will receive an SMS informing them to call 719 to hear the sent voice message.