Method of Notification Management

You can decide how and if you want to receive promotional notifications for MTN Irancell products and services; it’s easy and done via MyIrancell application or by dialing *555*4*7#. Below you can find out more about the details.

  • 1) MyIrancell App
    • Log in to MyIrancell app and tap on Menu.
    • Select My Account.
    • Select Notifications Preferences.
    • Then select the channels from which you want to get system messages.
  • 2) Dialing *555*4*7#

    Dial this code and enter your number or another preferred number by which you want to receive promotional messages. Then select whether you want to receive our latest promotions via SMS or email.

  • Promotion Channels:
    • SMS:using this method, the notifications will be sent to your number or any other number you submit. For example, if you have a data SIM, you can enter another SIM card number to receive the data SIM’s promotion messages.
    • MyIrancell:when you log in to your MyIrancell account, you’ll receive the notifications as a pop-up message in the app.
    • Email address:in this methods notifications are sent to your email address.

    In case of submitting an alternative number, the notifications will be sent to the user account/ email registered in that number settings.