Payment Methods & Bill Management

Payment Methods

All our postpaid subscribers can choose from various payment methods below to pay for their mobile phone bills anytime, anywhere. We take pride in their convenience and ease of use!

MyIrancell app

Installing and using MyIrancell app lets you pay your mobile phone bill easier. But let’s not forget that this is only one of MyIrancell’s amazing features!

*7#USSD Code

Dialing this code lets you easily pay your postpaid SIM bills and extend the maximum of credit limit for your SIM card. The specific USSD code for each of these services are shown below:


Pay your postpaid SIM card bill using a bank card and OTP


Purchasing voice and data packages


Increasing credit limit

Irancell Bill Payment Service

Go to Irancell Bill Payment Service, enter your SIM card number and one-time PIN to easily pay for your Irancell bills and get access to the following options:

  • View your current usage details, due balance and payable amount
  • Pay for your previous or current debts
  • View previous bills
  • View a history of your online payments
  • Download a PDF file of previous cycles
  • Chat online with CR personnel

Online Payment

Using Shetab cards you can pay your postpaid bill online. No bank fees will be charged in this method.


Using this service, you can set a limit in specified banks and online payment systems for the direct debit from your account, so that your postpaid SIM’s bill payment will be made automatically and in chosen periods from your bank/online payment system.

Going to the Bank

Mellat Bank: deposit in bank account no. 444440/96
Melli Bank: deposit in bank account no. 200219290008
Tejarat Bank: deposit in bank account 210447

In-person payments via banks will be submitted in your billing system with a slight delay.
The amount of time it takes for your bank payment to be calculated in your account is 24 hours for Mellat bank and 48 hours for Melli & Tejarat banks.

  • How to receive the bill details of your postpaid SIM

    All you need to do is open MyIrancell app and follow these steps:
    Bill View > Download Bill / itemized bill > Choose a cycle > Download Bill Details (as a PDF file).

  • How to get information about your postpaid SIM overdue charges

  • Maximum Credit Limit for Postpaid SIM Cards

    MTN Irancell regards a maximum of credit limit for each of its postpaid subscribers. This limit is the maximum of credit for using your SIM card’s services (voice, text, data, etc.) without being partially suspended in a billing period.

    You can find out about your maximum credit limit through one of the following:

    How to change the maximum credit limit?