Payment Methods & Bill Management

Payment Methods

All our postpaid subscribers can choose from various payment methods below to pay for their mobile phone bills anytime, anywhere. We take pride in their convenience and ease of use!

  • How to receive the bill details of your postpaid SIM

    All you need to do is open MyIrancell app and follow these steps:
    Bill View > Download Bill / itemized bill > Choose a cycle > Download Bill Details (as a PDF file).

  • How to get information about your postpaid SIM overdue charges

    • Dialing *555*1*2#
    • Going to MyIrancell App
  • Maximum Credit Limit for Postpaid SIM Cards

    MTN Irancell regards a maximum of credit limit for each of its postpaid subscribers. This limit is the maximum of credit for using your SIM card’s services (voice, text, data, etc.) without being partially suspended in a billing period.

    You can find out about your maximum credit limit through one of the following:

    How to change the maximum credit limit?