Ring Back Tone.

apple version available

Ring Back Tone

Ring Back Tone

Let your callers enjoy a piece of ear-catching or relaxing music while waiting for you to pick up the phone; instead of that repeated “beep…beep” tone.


Introducing Pishvaz application:

“Irancell Pishvaz” application is an easy way to access a vast collection of Ring Back Tones. With a quick and precise search engine, you could find your favorite RBT; categorized by artists, song’s names and song’s codes. Also with an instance internet connection, the application’s database will be updated in a few seconds. You could easily find your favorite tune with your Irancell line and share your musical taste with your callers. Also you could attach a picture to your favorite song and browse through various categories such as The Recommendation, Best Sellers, The Newest and The Most Popular. With this handy application you could easily find necessary information, personalize your songs and time period for your RBT, send a RBT as a gift to your friends, copy any songs or choose different tunes for different callers.

Pishvaz application features:

  • Setting an artist or an album as your RBT (which set a different song daily as your RBT)
  • Cutting out an specific part of a song for your RBT
  • Being able of activating or deactivating a previously set RBT
  • Listening to the newest songs of most popular artists
  • Accessing the RBT list, set on your Irancell line

And so many other personalized brand new features.