Unlimited TD-LTE Packages Terms and Conditions

  • Unlimited Package: A package that has an unlimited amount of traffic, considering the fair usage policy.
  • Unlimited Package Speed: The speed of unlimited packages is dependent on the package type which is up to 2 megabits per second or up to 8 megabits per second.
  • Fair Usage Policy: The specific amount of each package that subscriber allowed to consume (depending on the type of package), and if the subscriber uses more than that, the speed will throttle to 256 Kbps.
Package TypeInitial SpeedThresholdSecondary Speed
2Mbps unlimited monthly Up to 2Mbps 30GB Up to 256Kbps
4Mbps unlimited monthly Up to 4Mbps 45GB Up to 256Kbps
8Mbps unlimited monthly Up to 8Mbps 75GB Up to 256Kbps
  • It’s not possible to purchase more than one unlimited data package at a same time.
  • Unlimited data packages are available via MyIrancell app.
  • In case of purchasing both normal and unlimited packages simultaneously, normal packages are used first, then unlimited packets are consumed, regardless of the end date of the package.
  • In case of purchasing more than one package (either unlimited or normal), the start date of the package is considered from the time of purchase. Therefore, the user is responsible for purchasing multiple packages.
  • In case of purchasing both normal and unlimited packages simultaneously, the speed of the packages will be vary. As long as the subscriber uses the normal package, the speed is unlimited, but at the time of using the unlimited package, the speed is reduced to 1Mbps or 8Mbps. .