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4 steps to use Irancell 4G Internet

  1. Coverage: By checking coverage map you can see if 4G is live in your area.
  2. SIM card: All Irancell SIM cards support 3G network. To use 4G network you would need 4G SIM Card (USIM).
  3. Device: Go to does my handset support 3G/4G/4.5G? page to check compatibility of your device. If your phone does not support 3G/4G/4.5G Internet, you can check out our mobiles page special offers or our 3G and 4G and 4.5G modems.
  4. Settings: Dial *555*4*2# or check out online internet configurations page to get settings within seconds. If you want, you can manually enter the settings as shown below:
APN Connection Name
mtnirancell Irancell-Internet

You can also refer to Internet settings for Android Version 4 and Higher page.

  • If you’re using an Android device, you need to activate “Cat6” or “Carrier Aggregation” in the settings section to have access to 4.5G internet. iOS devices will be connected to the 4.5G internet automatically and there is no need to do any configurations.
  • 4.5G or 4G+ signs in android devices indicate your device connection to 4.5G network. In iOS devices, the increase in internet network represents your 4.5G connection.