Emergency Airtime & Data

In times of emergency, you can use Irancell’s services without immediate payment!

In order to benefit from Emergency Service, all you need to do is keep on using Irancell network for at least three months, with at least 10,000 Tomans monthly transactions.

  • Airtime Advance Service

    If you have no airtime and can’t top-up your account for any temporary reason, you can receive airtime advance through any of the following methods:

    Dial *815#

    Go to MyIrancell> Airtime Advance.

    The airtime advance plus the transaction fee (50 Tomans) will be automatically deducted from your next top-up.

  • Data Advance Service

    In case you’ve run out of data and have an urgent need to use internet, you can receive a one-day data package without any need for immediate payment. To receive data advance package, just dial *815#.

    • The cost will be automatically deducted from your next account top-up!
    • Currently, 50MB 1-day package is available for 1,950T and it is expected that other various packages be made public soon.
  • Emergency Service Packages
    Emergency Service Packages Price (Toman)
    500T Airtime Advance 550
    50MB 1-Day Data Advance 1,950
    150MB 1-Day Data Advance 3,000
    250MB 1-Day Data Advance 4,200
    250MB 7-Days Data Advance 8,800