Suspending/Restoring an Irancell SIM Card

Suspending your SIM card is helpful when:

  • You’ve lost your SIM card
  • Your SIM card has been stolen
  • You’re not going to use your SIM card services for a while

In such cases, to help prevent possible abuses of your SIM card services and additional charges incurred, you need to suspend your SIM card as soon as possible.

 If you still have access to the mobile phone in which you had put your SIM card, suspending the SIM will be very easy via MyIrancell super app:

MyIrancell Main Page > Others > SIM Services > SIM Suspension

Yet in case your mobile phone is not accessible to you, please do one of the following:

If you have suspended your SIM card using MyIrancell super app, to restore and activate it again you can follow the same steps above. Otherwise, you need to call 700 or visit Irancell connect and distributer stores or service centers.