Delivery at Two Hours + Map Tracking!

Delivery at Two Hours + Map Tracking!

To further facilitate your access to Irancell products and services, we’ve arranged things in a way that if you have a 4G compatible phone and wish to upgrade your SIM card from 3G to 4G and enjoy the high-speed internet and other benefits and gifts of these SIM cards, you can receive your 4G SIM card for free in your desired address at a maximum of 2 hours from submitting your request. What’s more, you’ll get our 4G SIM card gifts which include 20GB data, 200 minutes on-net voice and 2000 on-net texts (valid for 20 days). Besides, on Irancell e-shop, you can view the current status of your requested 4G SIM card and track the live location of delivery driver on map.

The two-hour or selected scheduled delivery is currently accessible for 3G to 4G SIM card upgrade requests by the residents of the following cities and can be chosen when our staff contact you for further arrangements of your order delivery:

AhvazAmolArakBandar AbbasBabolBirjand

This service is planned to be available for the delivery of other Irancell products in a near future as well.

SIM card upgrade requests to 4G can be submitted via: