Buy internet roaming packages online

You, the subscribers, can use roaming services in any country that has roaming services in agreement with Irancell, with a few simple clicks, to purchase any internet package for your number or that of your friends, and pay for it online. Enjoy Irancell High Speed!

  • To check the remaining validity of the packages, you can dial the code *1111*6# from your Irancell line. do.
  • If you use operators other than those specified in the field below for each country, your data usage charges will be based on the roaming tariff of that country.
  • After returning to Iran, it is not possible to continue using the packages and the remaining volume will expire.
  • The start date of each purchased package will be equal to the date of purchase of the package, even if more than one package is purchased.
Select your destination country:

100 MB  7 Days

190,000 Toman

50MB  7 Days

109,000 Toman

20 MB  7 Days

59,000 Toman

1 GB  7 Days

390,000 Toman


75 MB  7 Days

45,000 Toman


150 MB  7 Days

80,000 Toman


300 MB  7 Days

150,000 Toman


600 MB  7 Days

250,000 Toman


1.5 MB  60 Days

special for hajj pilgrimage
180,000 Toman