14 December 2021 . 19:13

Parliament’s Industry Committee Appreciates Irancell for Its Performance in Digital Transformation

Parliament’s Industry Committee Appreciates Irancell for Its Performance in Digital Transformation

Members of the Iranian Parliament’s Industry Committee praised Iran’s first and largest digital operator in the field of digital transformation during their visit to Irancell.

The Chairman, Board of Directors and a group of members of Iranian Parliament’s Industry Committee met Dr. Bijan AbbasiArand, CEO and a group of Irancell’s Managers on Monday, December 13, 2021, in Irancell Headquarters. They got acquainted with the latest measures and activities of Irancell in developing the infrastructure of the national information network and providing digital services.

At the beginning of the meeting, the CEO of Irancell presented a short history about Irancell, as being the pioneer in providing 2.7 generation mobile networks, developing (3G) 3rd generation mobile networks in the country after the monopoly was lifted and being the first in providing 4G and 5G mobile networks. He also presented a report about Irancell’s actions for urban, rural and road coverage.

He also described Irancell’s plan to expand the commercial marketing of 5G in Iran and Irancell’s vision for digital transformation, as well as Irancell’s actions in developing rural connections and providing high-speed internet services in these areas.

Stating that achieving digital transformation goals requires a series of platforms, infrastructure and also services, Abbasi Arand announced that Irancell has taken appropriate measures and is fully prepared in all these sectors.

Referring to the exchange rate volatility in recent years, the CEO of Irancell also stressed the need for parliament to help operators to rationalize tariffs in order to enable the continuation of investment in the telecommunications industry.

Also, a report on measures taken in Network Operations Center (NOC), Irancell’s local “Digital Network Maintenance System”, Irancell’s actions in creating a digital service chain to empower digital businesses and also Irancell’s smart solutions based on metadata, including the traffic management plan using artificial intelligence on the 5G network, was presented to the members of the Parliament.

Another part of the report presented to the members of the Industries and Mines Committee was related to Irancell’s investment in the Snapp group, which tits actions in the field of digital economy were welcomed by the members of the Parliament.

The cooperation of Irancell and Mobarakeh Steel Company in the digital transformation plan of this company as the first entry of the 5G mobile networks to the field of Iranian industry was also among the other actions of Irancell, the report of which was presented to the MPs. In this regard, members of the Parliament’s Industry Committee expressed hope that with the positive results of this cooperation, digital transformation spreads to other industries in the country.

In this meeting, the Chairman of the Parliament’s Industry Committee, while appreciating Irancell’s actions in the digital field, pointed to the investment of Iran’s first and largest digital operator in the Snapp  group and said: “Snapp  is a successful example in creating jobs by supporting digital businesses and digital transformation in Iranian lifestyle, and it is necessary to extend this experience to other areas.”

Referring to the report on the challenges in the development of the national information network infrastructure, including in the core, access and transmission of operators’ networks, Ezatullah Akbari Talarpashti stressed the need to review these challenges in the Parliament and pass the required laws in this regard.

“Irancell is an operator that has achieved positive and transformational measures in the field of the digital economy and in this field, it is a model and promising business in the country,” he added.

Referring to the lack of a comprehensive and upstream document in the field of communications and information technology, Members of the Parliament’s Industry Committee called on Irancell to develop this document, given the international experience of the first 5G provider, recording the highest internet speed in Iran.

Pointing to breaking the monopoly and the reduction of tariffs in the transportation industry with the entry of Snapp into the industry, Members of the Parliament’s Industry Committee suggested that the Snapp  Group’s services in the field of transportation be extended to the road and heavy transport.

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