Irancell WOW.

Irancell WOW

.Up to 30% free airtime.

All you Irancell prepaid subscribers can now enjoy up to 30% free airtime based on your recharge amount using WOW service. As shown in below table, the airtime will then be valid for maximum 20 days for you to enjoy making on-net calls, sending on-net SMSs/ MMSs or using Mobile internet.

Recharge amount
Gift airtime
Total airtime
1,000 91.7 1,009.1 3
2,000 275.2 2,110.1 5
5,000 917.4 5,504.6 10
10,000 2,293.5 11,467.8 15
20,000 5,504.5 23,853.1 20

To activate WOW, you only need to enter your PIN using this code: *144*12 or 16 digit code#.

For instance, if your 12-digit PIN is 123456789123 , you need to enter the following code:


As the validity rules of the bonus credit has changed, the validity period and the amount of the bonus credit will not be accumulative. That is, if your existing WOW bonus credit has a validity of 10 days, and you WOW top-up your account for 20,000 Tomans (valid for 20 days), each bonus credit can be used only during the specified validity period.

  • The mentioned amounts are all VAT inclusive.
  • Once the validity period for using WOW is expired, the main airtime in the subscriber's account will still be valid and only the WOW credit will expire.
  • Making calls to Irancell Call Center (700) is possible through WOW.
  • When roaming, the extra airtime cannot be used.
  • Up to 30% WOW recharge can be used for voice, SMS, MMS, and Mobile internet
  •  Purchasing packages is not available via WoW recharge
  • WOW top-up and other promotional plans cannot be activated simultaneously and you can activated a new plan once the current one expires.

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