Manage the SMSs you prefer to receive.

Manage the SMSs you prefer to receive


All MTN Irancell subscribers can easily decide whether or not to receive any of our promotional SMSs by following one of the methods described below:

  • MyIrancell App

In MyIrancell setting tab, go to “Manage Promotional Messages” section and then configure your desired settings.

  • Dialing *5006#

Dialing this code easily gives you the option of choosing whether you want to receive the promotional messages or not.

  • SMS to 5006

If you want to be informed about our latest offers by promotional messages, send OZV to 5006. To opt out of receiving these messages, simply send LAGHV to the same number.

  • If you need to receive help as for the promotional messages, send 1 to 5006.
  • Sending activation and deactivation request SMSs and dialing USSD codes are free of charge.