Missed Calls Notification Service


This service helps you find who has called you at any moment.

If your phone is turned off or out of network coverage, your callers will be directed to an answering service and their number is saved. As soon as you turn your phone on or your line becomes available in the network coverage area, a list of all the numbers who have called you will be texted to you along with the time of those calls. The text you receive will be as follows:

“You have X missed calls from 98XXXXXXXXXX in “Date and Time”.”

  • This service is free of charge for all subscribers.
  • This service is already active for new subscribers.
  • Activating Missed Calls Notification Service

    Dial *555*4*5*2# to activate.

  • Deactivating Missed Calls Notification Service

    Dial *555*4*5*3# to deactivate.