Tracing a lost or stolen handset

Our *6101# SMS system is made available to you for tracing lost or stolen handsets:

How to use

 If you’re an Irancell subscriber, you can dial 700 or 7033 (from an Irancell SIM card) or 09377000000 or 09377033000 (from other lines) or use Myirancell to request for SIM block.

**Once you dial *6101# you’ll receive some messages regarding the service usage policies, confirmation on request cost deduction from your airtime, the active SIM when the handset was lots, the procedures and duration of SIM block.

***You won’t be charged with any amounts until receiving this SMS.

  • Tracing request through this SMS system should only be logged from an Irancell SIM card (other than the one being traced).
  • The tracing request should be done within 5 days after blocking the SIM card; otherwise, the owner of the SIM card in the lost/ stolen handset will be announced to the judiciary authorities as the thief which would result in voiding the tracing results.
  • You’ll only be charged 1000 Tomans for each tracing request you log. If you own a prepaid SIM, this amount will be deducted from your airtime and if you own a postpaid SIM card, the charges will be included in your next bill.
  • If your tracing response was positive, you’ll receive an SMS confirming this. You can then refer to the judicial authorities within 6 months as of receiving the SMS, and provide the reference ID as well as the tracing date.
  • Before starting the tracing procedure, you have to first block the SIM card in the stolen/ lost handset.
  • The charges will still be in place even if unfavorable or incorrect results are achieved due to failing to observe the mentioned points.
  • The service will only show if the tracing result has been successful or not and the identity of the person having access to the lost phone can only be revealed as per the judicial order.
  • Once you dial this code, you confirm that you have access to all the ownership documents of the stolen SIM card and if proved otherwise, you need to respond to any probable claims in the competent authorities.
  • You pledge to provide valid information requested from you when using *6101# system and you will be liable for any false details provided.
  • You ​can see the result of the tracing request by dialing the USSD code *6101# and entering the phone’s IMEI.
  • If ​you have a prepaid SIM card and you don’t have enough balance, you can pay through a bank gateway. Bank payment is also available for postpaid SIM card users.