Ring Back Tone

A huge collection of ring back tones to make the call waiting time pleasurable!

The most important achievements and indicators


Popular songs and albums


View default RBTs


Various customization options


Diversity of categories


Cutting available songs


Daily setting of RBTs

  • Introducing Pishvaz

    MTN Irancell Pishvaz app makes it easier for all MTN Irancell subscribers to access a huge collection of ring back tones. By installing this app, users can choose their favorite tone and then all it takes to use it as their call waiting ring back tone is just one click through their MTN Irancell lines! This app includes all the MTN Irancell RBTs with such features as search by tone names, artist names and tone codes. Also you can listen to the preview of your favorite tones, attach a photo to them and classify them into categories such as The Recommended, The Hot Hits, The Latest and The Most Popular.

  • Features

    • Setting a specific artist or album as your RBT (on a daily basis)
    • Cutting a specific part from available tunes for your RBT
    • Activating the default RBTs (with an automatic deactivation option)
    • Viewing popular singers and their albums and even listen to them!
    • Viewing the RBT list set on your MTN Irancell line

    And many other customization features added to this version!