Reverse SMS Billing

Using this service you can ask someone to pay for your SMS: the system will inform them and if they accept the charge, your SMS will be sent.

  • Introduction

    All you have to do is enter 704 before the number of the person you wish to pay for your SMS.

    For example, if your target number is 09XXXXXXXX, you must dial the following code to request reverse SMS billing:


    At this point, an SMS will be sent to your recipient and they will pay for your SMS if they accept the request.

  • Tips for Using Reverse SMS Billing
    • By adding phone numbers to your whitelist, you will automatically pay for their SMSs whenever there is a request made by them. All you have to do is just send 6 in reply to the sender’s request.
    • By adding phone numbers to your blacklist, their requests for reverse SMS billing will be refused. Just send B <space> your intended phone number to 7040.
    • To use this service, you can select a desired name and display it automatically in the text message to the SMS recipient. Set your desired name by sending it to 7043.
    • When you are using the roaming service, all the rates of reverse SMS billing such as accepting or rejecting requests, adding numbers to your white/black lists, etc. will comply with the roaming charges.
  • Reverse SMS Billing Deactivation
    • To deactivate this service, send “LAGHV” to 7060.
    • To reactivate the service, send “OZV” to 7060 .