Irancell Digital Center

.Enjoy a real feel of internet speed as well as digital life, using Irancell unique services in the digital center.
Irancell Jomhouri Digital Center:
In the section you can enjoy a virtual tour of our Jomhouri digital center; you can also refer to No. 1070, at the corner of Keshvardoust St., Jomhouri St. to get a real tour. We’ll be available from Saturday to Wednesday between 9 A.M. and 6:30 P.M. and also between 9 A.M. and 2:30 P.M. on Thursdays.


Our services in Irancell Digital Center

Interactive entrance:
Touch stand including information on the digital center, satisfaction survey and other information regarding Irancell service centers
Smart shop:
Touch LCD where an eShop is simulated in 3D
Trying Irancell products:
A two-way stand to test and try Irancell services and products
Testing Irancell applications:
Special LCDs for trying Irancell applications
Smart home and internet of things:
In this center, all lights, audio systems, video content broadcasting system, roof coolers and the CCTV are being controlled using smart home equipment.
Smart advertisement:
Screens to display video commercials of Irancell services and products as well as QR codes to show more details about the products in Irancell website and enable the visitors to download their desired applications
Chroma Key wall:
Travel to touristy areas and landmarks by standing in front of the green Chroma Key curtain. You will also be able to change the images and enter your phone number in the end to receive the photo
Video room:
When a visitor enters the video room, the sensors detect the person’s presence and starts playing the video automatically.
Virtual Reality/ Irancell game:
VR glasses to enable the users enjoy a special experience of playing Irancell games
Self-Care Stand:
Self-care tablets are connected to MyIrancell application as well as Irancell website’s eCare and the visitors can check and monitor their accounts online.
HVC Counter:
This counter serves to give consult to the High Value Customers who might need a help from the staff working in the digital center.
Purchasing Prepaid and Postpaid SIM Card:
The visitors can buy their desired prepaid or postpaid number by referring to this section
Automatic Services and SIM Card Purchase Machine:
This device is designed to save your time and provide you with higher quality services
Testing Irancell modems:
You can compare various Irancell modems and check your area for coverage before purchasing a modem

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