Feature for the hearing impaired.

Feature for the hearing impaired

.This service enables the hearing impaired or those with speaking difficulties to inform their callers to text them instead.

If you activate this service, whenever someone calls you he notified that he has called a person with speaking or hearing difficulty/ disability, suggesting him to text you instead of calling

The voice or text message they’ll receive will convey this message

“Hi, you’ve contacted a person with speaking or hearing difficulty/ disability. If you like, you can text the person instead of making a voice call.”

  • The service has no activation fees.



  • To activate the voice service, send 44 to 7575.
  • To activate the text service, send deaf to 8585.


  • To deactivate the voice service, send HZ(space)921584 to 7575.
  • To deactivate the text service, send 0 to 8585.

  • The service SMSs are free of charge.

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