Shared Internet Account

With “shared account” service, you can purchase a single internet package and share it with your family and friends.

The “shared account” service is most useful for families, work teams or individuals with a high internet usage on multiple devices such as Laptop, PC, cellphone and modem. Your friends and family members won’t have to purchase an internet package only for their personal use anymore, but instead you can share a single package with anyone and even assign a specific amount of traffic to each person, based on their usage and needs.

Some of the benefits of owning a high speed shared account:

  • Sharing a single internet package monthly, between 10 people or devices.
  • Sharing your internet without the speed dropping.
  • Cost reduction by sharing one package with others.
  • Managing each consumers usage limit.
  • Sharing internet regardless of time or place.
How to buy and use

You can setup a shared account with anyone regardless of time or place. All you need to do is assign a user as the "provider", whom will share the package between your family members, friends and other Irancellers.

To purchase and activate a shared account, you can take one of the following steps.

  • Visit “Shared Account” page on MyIrancell app, choose your required package amongst all offers and buy it.
  • First dial *400*3# and activate your service, then choose and buy your required package by dialing *400*1*1#.

Also to deactivate your account take one of the following steps:

  • Visit “Shared Account” page on MyIrancell app, click on “View Details” next to the “Provider” number and choose “Deactivate”.
  • Dial *400*1*5#

You can add new “Consumers” to a shared account using one of following ways:

  • Visit “Shared Account” page on MyIrancell app, and tap “Add Consumer”. Enter the new consumer’s Irancell number, and click on “Add”.
  • Dial *400*1*2*1# and add a new consumer.

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