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Lenz IP TV

Your Power, Your Choice!

Download Lenz application free of charge and enjoy a great collection of local and international movies, TV series, live TV programs and sport matches, etc. Watch Lenz on your handset or your TV at home together with family and friends.


Lenz application enables you to enjoy local and international movies, TV series, live TV shows and sport matches, documentary, etc. with an amazing quality! So you can both watch your favorite programs live or download them to watch at any time you wish.



  • Have access to a complete archive of local and international movies, series or documentaries
  • Watch cultural or sport programs or matches live
  • Set a schedule to auto-record your desired live programs
  • View a list of programs broadcasted by various TV channels
  • View the list of programs archived and accessible for 7 days
  • Add your favorite programs to the “Favorites” list and have an easier access to them

To enjoy free traffic to watch the contents on Lenz, you need to have an active internet package in your account (gift packages won’t count).


La Liga real feel with Lenz!

If you’re a football fan, don’t miss the exclusive La Liga live games, news, gossips, etc. on our Lenz’s Sport Plus channel. You can pay the monthly or daily subscription fee and have access to various contents including:

  • Analysis of the matches in previous week
  • Reviewing the matches of next week
  • La Liga news
  • La Liga best scenes
  • La Liga documentaries
  • Introduction of La Liga stadiums


You can add subaccounts connected to your main account with different a username and password and also define usage limits.
You can first top-up your account by dialing *7# or using direct top-up (accessible via the application’s Settings) or buy your desired content and pay for it through bank gateways.
How can I find my desired content?
There’s an option named catch up TV using which you can watch the program again.
You can click on the heart icon and make a list of all your favorite programs.
There is a reminder option that you can use to have the app remind you to watch your favorite programs.
You can record the program or movie while you’re watching it or set a recording date and time.
You can easily “lock” certain channels anytime you want.
You can select your desired language from among the existing ones (if available) on time-shifted TV or VOD through Settings.
You can get a list in the “Recommended” part and choose them to begin streaming.
You can read all about it in the “Introduction” section.
You can click on your profile name on top of the page.
The application is usable with any internet connections inside Iran.
Users will be able to use catch up TV for one week (7 days) after any program for any channel is aired; moreover, they will be able to record any program for 10 hours which will be available for three months (90 days).
Right now Khozeshtan and Sahand are available on Lenz.
All IRIB channels will be free all the time, but there will be no free of charge hours for VOD contents.
No, the application is only compatible with Android and iOS.
Yes, the application can be installed on all Android and iOS devices.
Yes, as soon as user locks the device, the application will stop the video and therefore data usage.
Yes, two users can simultaneously enjoy one account and if a third one wishes to login to the same account at the same time, one of the users will have to disconnect in order to let the third one connect.
Registration is possible through registration page of lenz website or using the “Register” button inside the application.
No, there will be no document submission during the registration process.
Changing or recovering passwords can be done by clicking on the “I Forgot My Password” option inside the application or using “Account Management” item.
You can dial 09377270000 to ask our customer relation agent to help you.