Switching from Prepaid to Postpaid.

Switching from Prepaid to Postpaid

.Go postpaid, simply by entering a code!

This new service enables the owners of MTN Irancell prepaid SIM cards to switch to postpaid simply by entering a code using their MTN Irancell SIM cards. So, the subscribers who desire to receive a bill every two months instead of repeatedly recharging their accounts or want to enjoy the advanced billing services and receive a split bill, can use one of the following simple methods and enjoy all related services and benefits including a more cost-effective tariff, Family and Friends and international roaming service without any need for buying a new SIM!

After switching to postpaid, the system will automatically put you on per second plan; but you can still go for any of the tariff plans or promotion plans that you wish, right after you have completed the migration steps.

  • After the migration, WOW top-up as well as the packages purchased for the prepaid SIM card (except for roaming packages, offers and promotions, Boom+ and Shared Internet Packages) will be transferred to the postpaid account.
  • Time limited packages (regardless of their availability duration) will be transferred to your postpaid account and can be used between 2 and 8 A.M.

You can use any of the following methods to log your request:

Then you can use these methods to ,migrate:

If you have enough money in your prepaid account, the prepaid to postpaid charges amount will be deducted from your prepaid airtime. Otherwise, or in case you wish so, you can make the payment through your bank account.

  • The basic price for prepaid to postpaid migration is 50.000 Tomans and you can check your customized discounted price by dialing *70#.
  • After requesting to migrate your SIM card will be switched to postpaid within 1 hours.
  • If you have any amount more than the required one in your account to migrate, the remaining airtime and the WOW top-up will be transferred to your postpaid account.

  • In order to switch your prepaid SIM card to postpaid, you should complete the registration of your prepaid SIM card.
  • You should provide the correct postal code while you register. Otherwise, it is impossible to switch the account.
  • For more information visit Pre-paid to Post-paid SIM Card Conversion Terms and Conditions page

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