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MTN Irancell launched first NFC payment service in Iran

MTN Irancell launched first NFC payment service in Iran in the city of Mashhad.

MTN Irancell launched first NFC payment service in Iran
In a ceremony held on December 6th 2017, at the presence of senior executives in Khorasan and Mashhad, the Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology and the head of Communications Regulatory Authority, hosted by MTN Irancell and Bank Pasargad the agreement on the implementation and development of Mashhad Smart City infrastructure was signed and the operation of the mobile payment system started in this city for the first time in Iran.

Upon rolling out this project, all citizens in the holy city of Mashhad will be able to make most of their retail payments using their phones, in various fields like intra-city transportation, fuel stations, food retail stores, restaurants, press kiosks, parking lots, charity activities and so on.

As Iran’s greatest data service provider, MTN Irancell will be supplying the next generation of NFC SIM cards by granting and arranging fundamentals of PayByPhone platform; meanwhile, the development of "Dorj" application as "MTN Irancell’s phone wallet" plays a prominent role in the commercialization of PayByPhone platform.

Dorj application, as an interface for MTN Irancell NFC SIM cards and Kipaad application (Bank Pasargad mobile wallet) as a user's port of communication with a bank account, enable users to pay their retail payments through NFC mobile phones, in all stores and centers equipped with Pasargad Bank NFC Receiver.

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