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MTN Irancell offers free data to Hajj pilgrims

MTN Irancell offers daily free data packages to Hajj pilgrims.

MTN Irancell offers free data to Hajj pilgrims
Subscribers of MTN Irancell who are traveling to Saudi Arabia for Hajj rituals can dial a short code daily and activate the 10 MB data package.

Furthermore, subscribers can purchase 300 MB and 600 MB data packages for 30.000 and 50.000 Tomans.

Voice call tariffs for mentioned subscribers equals 599 Tomans per minute for all incoming / outgoing calls. Sending short messages would cost 299 Tomans while receiving is free.

Roaming can be activated by dialing a short code or using ‘My Irancell’, MTN Irancell’s self-care app.

The subscribers can also dial a code and ask the caller to pay the roaming call cost for them if they run out of airtime.

MTN Irancell has also provided multiple customer care channels for Hajj pilgrims including call center, live chat in website, online support via Telegram bot and special email care.

Customer Care agents has also been deployed to the holy cities to make sure the service is accessible to the pilgrims.
More information about MTN Irancell roaming service is available in our roaming page.

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